Machine Density and Harvesters


Personally I think the density of machines and the Harvesters calling in reinforcements should have stayed the same, the ONLY thing I would of had the Devs change would have been the damage they did and the speed of the missiles (was OTT in my opinion) now I think it’s gone too far the other way. Miss all the machines, (and this is coming from someone who’s definitely not the best at playing these types of games.)


Hi and first of all, would you tell us on witch difficulty setting do you play?


At the moment just on adventure mode, but I didn’t really find that after the April update (I think it was)it was that bad on Adventure mode. As I said all they really needed to do was tone down the damage and rocket speed and it would have been really good, leave the density and harvester calling in reinforcements etc.


The advanture mode suppose to be very easy and focused on exloring and story and not that much on fights. So if you think it is too easy for you this mode is probably not the right for you. Try out both other modes and give us feedback whether the fit better to what you expect. Probably skirmish is what you are looking for.


Oh wow, the density was actually decreased, and not HP / DMG?
Personally, I would be extremely happy with the change, and that would be exactly what might get me back into playing this game! That way machines could still be scary, and it’s not just COD machine spam.

However, no way that anyone wants to play the game is more valid than any other.
My friends and I want to battle few and tough machines.
You want to battle a horde of weak machines.
There is absolutely no reason why not all of us could be happy, playing the game just the way we like it:

Let the game host decide how it’s going to be in detail.
Let them select the basic difficulty, and then fine tune this in advanced settings.
Machine density, HP, DMG, special attacks.
Even on the fly!

And voila, everybody would be happy and love the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


Increase the difficulty level and there are also hotspots on the map with plenty of machine density.

For example, one barn, in the middle of nowhere, had 5x military harvs around it. It ended up one of the biggest battles i’ve ever had.
Video of that battle in here: Guerrilla Difficulty is fine Solo

What was changed, were fire rate and accuracy. Density, HP and DMG is same.

Already in the game.

Host can change difficulty level on the fly which increases/decreases machine HP and DMG. Also, host can enable/disable Auto Scaling which determinate machine density (On for more, Off for less, per player count).


No, what is in the game are three difficulty settings, that affect everything in ways that can only be suited for some.

I am talking about fine tuning beyond this:

So you start with normal difficulty, for instance, and you notice: “there’s a group of twelve Hunters, and they are spamming me with gas. This is NOT fun”.

So then you could go into Advanced Settings, scroll down to Hunter, decrease density, disable gas attacks; but maybe instead increase their HP, and increase their overall DMG.

Other people, like nugar, might want to go there, and instead increase the density, while also decreasing HP and decreasing DMG.

Some people want low density, others want low HP, some might want both (but most don’t). Some might want the exact opposite. Partially or completely. Currently, the game cannot satisfy all these players, and some will simply quit.

But the solution would be so easy.


It isn’t easy. Instead, it becomes overwhelming when devs give players options to change every minute detail within the game.

Speaking of that, can you tell me a FPS game where you can change every minute detail/aspect/mechanic in the game, without using 3rd party mods? :thinking:

You can satisfy some people all the time or all people some time but you can not satisfy all the people all the time.


Strongly disagree.

These options certainly wouldn’t bother any one who would not be looking for them.
They would be “hidden” within Advaced Settings, one layer down beyond the simple difficulty selection.
If still in doubt, add a big disclaimer ONLY NEED TO ADJUST IF FRUSTRATED, and a big RESET button.

Just because options exist, does not mean people use them.
If they do not feel a need, they will not search through Advanced Settings.
I know this, because I have been developing software.

Who cares what other games do. I cannot tell you any other FPS that features Sweden + 80s + robots, that doesn’t mean that GZ should not be doing this, or that players could not possibly enjoy it.

In fact, this is a chance for GZ to stand out, to be better than every other game!

What else could possibly increase the longevity of a game more, than letting all players play the game exactly the way they like??

After all, this is PVE, not PVP.

Again, this is exactly why I am proposing Advanced Settings, because this would literally give the power to all the people to be satisfied all the time.

Right now, I am too frustrated with the game to pick it up again. I also cannot recommend the game to others in this state. And I hate that I can’t, because I don’t gain from this, the devs don’t gain from this (who I would have liked to support otherwise)… even other players who are not frustrated do not gain from players like me being frustrated. It’s just so much wasted potential.

On the other hand, I honestly cannot imagine anyone who could possibly be unhappy that they were given the option to adjust the game precisely to their gaming style. The whole idea of someone going “this lets me do exactly what I want… I don’t like it!” seems extremely absurd to me.