Machine gun compensators

Hello, I have been play A LOOOONG time love the game to bits but i have not seen one single Machine gun compensator other than a blue one i got in early 2022 . That doesnt seem right . I have opened so many bags crates ammo boxes killed countless rivals fnx tanks harvesters etc etc etc and tons of other compensators but never ever the machine gun . Please help advise whats up ??? THANK YOU

Machine Gun Parts, DLC ones not included, can only drop from Apoc machines, Reapers and the Firebirds. Youll want to spend your time hunting them, nothing below Apoc for Swedish machines and no other Soviet machine outside the Firebird.

I have also killed sooooo many UFO firebirds and i have killed reaper a fair bit alone and with friends and the apoc but nothing it was in March 2022 i got the blue machine gun compensator and from then to today nothing not one from those machines . last week i killed maybe a dozen firebirds lol not one . Can it be a bug kinda caus eevery other part drops like crazy ??

It doesnt appear to be bugged for me on Steam as i still consistently get them from the machines capable of dropping them. I believe in this case its just simply the usual case of Bad RNG, as it typically is in any game when comes to RNG based drops.

They are really rare, but you will have best chances if concentrating your hunting on Himfjäl.

thank you and appreciated happy hunting

I don’t collect weapons to much anymore, only if low on supplies and have room to carry till I go to recycle station, but a lot of the attachments are on non-rival machines and cannot remember collecting any off of the firebirds, but I mainly loot the ammo and adv health kits off them.

Areas/regions where you find a lot of the LMG weapons off rivals and the reaper, you can expect the attachments for those weapons off normal tanks, harvesters, hunters and sometimes runners in those same areas. I found an all view off a runner the other day. But because it is RNG, do not discount areas that have lesser weapons. Also keep in mind what weak points you use to destroy machines. Like you can’t target weapons and then expect a big turn out of attachments off those same damaged/destroyed weapons. The harvester would be one that it doesn’t matter.

Personal theory, if you find attachments like barrels and mags in an area along with the LMGs, note where it is at. After the area resets, a lot of times an area will reset with the same type machines, come back and try again. Makes sense the area with same type machines would have a higher percentage of those same type weapons and their attachments. You may find your luck changes for the RNG of the very thing you are hunting for.

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Destroying a group of Fenix hunters or Apocs will almost always give some attachments.
Much better chances of getting the gold variants from Apoc but it’s not impossible with Fenix.
And if you chose to hunt Apoc, check the dogs too!