Machine Intelligence Bug?

Description: Perhaps it’s just me, or this is just the way it’s supposed to be, but I’ve noticed since the November 5 update that the machine’s intelligence seems to have slowed, or decreased a little. The video shows an example of what I mean.

This is hardly a game breaking issue, as the machines did get alerted a few seconds later when another Hunter came running to investigate, but I’d expect that even if the game was in Adventure mode (which it wasn’t, I play in Skirmish) when you fire a rocket at something, it should probably notice you immediately.

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Xbox model and game version: Xbox one. Version: November 5 update

Hmm… What is your in-game difficulty level? If Adventurer then this is understandable.

I already checked that. Multiple times. It’s in Skirmish. I even tried switching to Adventure and then back to Skirmish. I don’t think it made a difference. Events like the one I provided are rare, but they’ve been happening enough for me to notice.

But even in Adventure mode you’d think it’d notice it was hit by a rocket. Although I’ve never played in Adventure mode so this is just my opinion.

On Skirmish, it’s a bit hard to believe that hunter would just ignore you, after getting into alert state (yellow indicator). But it could be possible that the racket (noise) you made, was so slightly below the threshold of it becoming aggrod to you (red indicator), for it to start shooting at you.

Then again, i haven’t played on Skirmish since the day choosable difficulty level was introduced, back in 23rd of March '20. Since then, i’ve only played on Guerilla and machines react exceptionally well (as they should). :relaxed:

Also, devs are constantly fiddling around with machine AI; making machines tougher (e.g April '20 update), toning down the machine difficulty (June '20 update), so, machines getting toned down a bit in November '20 update could be part of the “fine tuning”.

That makes sense, if their alert status is entirely based on noise and not damage they receive. I never had any trouble with the machines reactions to me before the update, so it must be a result of the “fine-tuning” you describe.

In that case, maybe I’ll switch over to Guerilla. I mostly played on Skirmish because I was just as interested in completing the story as I was in the combat. I just finished the main story today actually, so next time I play I’ll try it on Guerilla. That’ll balance out their “fine-tuning” at least. Thank you for the help.

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