Machine Kill Squad

Yes I know, why does SirZeroFocks keep submitting ideas when there are better things to be fixed? :thinking: Well, those better fixable things have been reported hundreds of times before this post, which means it’ll be taken care of before this idea becomes considered! :dizzy_face:

Ok, on to the meaning of this title. Machine Kill Squad, what is your first impression of that name? Personally I think of a small elite group (more elite than FNIX or APOC) of machines that have been specifically deployed to eliminate YOU. Why? Because you have been taking out vast numbers of units, resources, and comms. You are a threat and you deserve their special forces. :+1:

Think of this scenario for those military men and women out there, you have a high value target you want eliminated? You send your best, not just more cannon fodder. :robot:

So back to this MKS :scream:

  1. Threat Assessment
    Similar to the Rival system, you eliminate enough machines a stronger machine takes its position, but you see where that Rival is at all times while it goes about its business.
    For the MKS, you eliminate enough machines you are given a threat level beginning at 1. Once you reach a threat, you are given a notification that you are being hunted by MKS. You don’t know where they are or when they are coming.

  2. Restrictions
    MKS would only recognize you as a threat once you have reached level 25+

  3. Deployment
    Once MKS is deployed, they immediately are sent to your last known coordinates. If you are there, they engage to kill. If you are no longer in that area, they are sent to your next location so on and so forth. MKS is meant to hunt you indefinitely until you die by them, other machines, by your own stupidity, accidental, or for some reason the wrath of RNG God. If you eliminate all deployed MKS, threat level is eliminated. While you are being hunted, you will still acquire Threat Assessment, collect enough TA and your threat further goes up, causing MKS to add additional and different units. Only way to stop being hunted WITHOUT dying is simply waiting it out, This way it further engages you to choose your battles wisely, or be hunted if you become greedy.

  4. MKS Machines
    All machines bear pearl white paint with old blood spatters and blue lighting, similar to the green illumination of APOC machines. MKS are equipped with the best of weaponry, tactics, and defense.

-Tick: Silent, camouflage capability, equipped with a weapon that discharges a single EMP bolt to stun their target. (Name it Tesla Disruptor?)

-Runner: Silent, Camouflage capability, Concussive Rifles, Flechette Shotguns, Rockets. EMP Swipe.

-Hunter: Silent, Camouflage, smaller Linear Accelerator Rifle shoulder mount or Cluster Mortar shoulder mount. More large “Tesla Disruptor” primary weapon or 2mm machine gun primary. EMP blade with stun blast on leap attack. Deploys MKS Ticks,

-No Harvester on MKS.

-Tank: Cannot be silent or camouflage for being too large. Linear Accelerator or Mortar for primary left. Machine Guns, Concussion Rifle, or rockets for primary right. Rockets, Cluster Mortar or Gas Mortar for shoulder mounts. Deploys MKS ticks, EMP concussion, Stomp.

-Seeker: Alarm, Silent, Camouflage, EMP discharge for self defense.

  1. Threat Levels
    Levels star at 1 and max at 4, similar to that of Rivals. The higher the threat level, the more machines you are to encounter and the types.

Level 1: 2-3 Runners, 1-2 Hunters, 0-1 Seekers, 0 Tanks.

Level 2: 3-4 Runners, 2-3 Hunters, 1-2 Seekers. 0-1 Tanks.

Level 3: 4-5 Runners, 3-4 Hunters, 2-3 Seekers, 1-2 Tanks.

Level 4: 5-6 Runners, 4-5 Hunters, 3 Seekers,
2-3 Tanks.

  1. Loot
    Drop amount and chance from machines is scaled based on the threat level. Type of loot would be based off enemy weapon for ammo, Advanced Meds, 5* weapons, parts, and up. Exp clothing, event items.

Level 1: Amount = 10% / Drop Chance 15%.

Level 2: Amount = 15% / Drop Chance 30%.

Level 3: Amount = 20% / Drop Chance 45%.

Level 4: Amount = 25% / Drop Chance 60%.

I believe that is about it, Im not quite certain how accurate or balanced those numbers are but Devs could figure out a balance.

The reason I suggested this “MKS” was simply to have an enemy to fear, to know that something is hunting you relentlessly and will eventually catch up to you if you become complacent is certainly scary.

Please let me know what you all think, be harsh as possible if you like. :grin:


As long as the base AI has the intellect of a rock, it will have no meaning, sadly.

Though I do like the idea, seeing just how silly machines act… they will be actually just more cannon fodder, I fear…

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I do support the idea of being hunted, one way or another!

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Its a really cool concept I just feel like this would contradict the value of a rival. That being said, they’d have to basically revamp the rival system into a “Machine Kill Squad” system. That’s a major change, but I do like where your head is at

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