Machine kills not counting

I’m stuck on the warboard - hermenlinen main quest. It says “Destroy enough machines in the North Coast Region to get a complete entry barcode.” I just went on a crazy rampage killing all kinds of stuff and wasting all my ammo and somehow only got one barcode… I went and made more ammo and ran around in the North Coast some more until I killed a ton of stuff, no more barcode pieces… Any suggestions? I’m on xbox so I can’t do any fancy console stuff.

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I had this same issue yesterday in a different region, I moved closer to the bunker location and I got the codes. Don’t know if this was just luck / coincidence or not but I got them.

We once had this in a friends game, too.
Wasn’t as easy as in the other regions to get them. Keep on and try especially around the bunker.

You can also get barcodes off dead machine props, like all the pre-placed Runner corpses you see near certain structures. Maybe try getting one that way.

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Head to the alternative entrance instead, you are not required to get the barcodes for Hermlinenand the soviet machines do not drop barcodes, only swedish machines.


A yes, of course, important to mention.
My friends and me had quite a difficult to find swedish ones close to the bunker after landfall. :sweat_smile: