Machine Logistics Question

How do the machines build their outposts and capture humans? None of them have hands.

The Hunter looks like it’d be the main worker machine, but they only have a knife arm and a gun arm. Runners are quadrupeds, Tanks only have 2 legs, and Seekers are basically frisbees.

It’s mentioned that Harvesters capture humans and are the main machine type focused on supplies and construction, but they just have two giant insectoid front legs that end in big scoop-looking things. If one of them tried to grab a human it’d either crush them or fall over.

‘We are the Resistance’ in FNIX Rising mentions that Ticks were setting up the supercomputer at Averholm. How? They just have legs. Ants use their mandibles to build stuff. What do Ticks use?

Is there some kind of as of yet unseen worker machine that builds all this stuff? Or am I just overthinking this?


Mmh I think there were some older topics regarding this.

Harvesters somehow extract ressources from scrap. Ticks are able to connect to electronical devices. Maybe the ticks are able to construct something as well.

But I agree that there somehow is a gap.


Here an example for a transport vehicle I found on google.

And here a construction robot I found on google, which looks almost like an unarmed hunter:

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The Alpine Unrest DLC would be worth looking into

I played through that. I don’t remember any explanation of how the machines build stuff or do anything.

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Well, there’s machine production lines and tooling, spare parts etc - plus the FOA4 / FOA53 integration story mentions testing there. I think story wise they should show us the answer

I understand that the machines themselves are built on production lines. I’m just wondering how the machines build FNIX Outposts, Supercomputers, etc. in the field. And how Harvesters kidnap people.

Using rope/cable and binding them to the back of a harvester, which drags them along?

None of the machines have hands or gripping mechanisms to tie you up with

There are machines in humanoid form, but we haven’t seen then yet.

Are there? When was that revealed?

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Aren’t there? When was that revealed? :wink:

A enemy is normally not going leave notes with information on how they operate and construct their buildings. This is something people need to see happen. People like Janek for instance, who then leaves a record of what he’d seen in letters. So far no information has come above water, but I am sure will get a lot more new information soon.

When gamers speculate that machines cannot build the structures without hands, why not speculate about the existence of humanoid form machines with hands. Even though there hasn’t any eye-witness report made of machines building structures, deep inside the underground network humanoid machines could be making modules that then can be used to quickly (within one night) construct Fnix bases / structures, etc. in secret.

I know for certain that the devs have been thinking about Humanoid machines.


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