Machine Master (AKA Pet Master)

Love this idea as I am a solo player. You probably won’t need a tick companion if you have a Hunter because they normally have a tickpod on them. Under logic you would be able to change the companions weapon load out. To get the weapons you would need to salvage one from a destroyed machine to be able to craft said weapon. Hunter companion with shoulder mounted sniper and flamethrower arm attachment would be my choice.

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I love this idea too though it sounds a lot like Ark Survival Evolved I would love to be able to pull up my emotes wheel and do point and my companion goes there it would probably be quite hard for the team to pull it off but I think it could be done brilliant idea! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Just big NO! This is not petting zoo game.

1st. This companion thing always comes up for as extra carry capacity. Whole idea behind these companions which i always despise.

2nd. So many games have these companions, why we just cant let this thing go, and have a game without companion.

3rd. AI implementations of these are usually so bad/crude, that its almost useless, companions die, don’t follow properly. And what about combat, if the companion gets destroyed. Or does it have magical auto revive repair function to pop up back life.

4th All the above just renders companion to glorified mule to just carry your stuff. Again, big no no to increased carry capacity.

5th There is no risk vs. reward having this companion, just major bonus to player itself. Again no no.

And game wise there is problem with the machines control, their are not fully autonomous, they are being controlled by central AI. That brain implementation surgery doesn’t fit the game robots mechanics. They are not cyborgs.

If devs where to give this ago, use hundreds of hours coding and making companion to work like a dream. And when companion dies, everything it carries are subject to be destroyed. Lets say about 10-15% of items stay in companions inventory.
If companion explodes in missile barrage or in explosion, all items are lost and companion is permanently destroyed. Need to get new one.

But still, strong opinion to leave pets/companions to other games.


Yeah I’ve often thought this would be a neat idea, there have been a couple of threads in the past that suggest this . I’m sure it would be a complicated piece of coding though, we got enough problems with bugs as it is but it would add to the replayability of the game once all missions are done and we await future updates. To keep it on the simpler side maybe just be able to use a use a runner as as scout and have a defend my master mode so as to beat a hasty retreat in case you get caught in the open, though that would be the end of your pet as you made a run for it just to keep it on the balanced side.

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I see where your coming from, you are the first person I’ve seen to against such a fun idea though. (Also when I said brain swap I didn’t mean literally).

This wouldn’t even have to be a massive update just a little bit of fun to make your life a little easier. I do see how this goes against you being alone however, so that’s a good point.

I just see you being able to make fighters of your own fun. I mean we’ve already seen a bit of evidence for something like this in the case of Bunker 666.

IMO it could be fun to have your own machine to fend for you, this in turn however makes the machine less scary in a way.

I can kinda see where your coming from but have to agree to disagree on some parts.

Also about the coding stuff, if they did this perfectly and got it right theyre only improving for the future. Although I would much rather this be a small update rather than a massive one.

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Merged several topics with machine (pet) feature request, so, that they all are in one, neat topic. Also, moved topic to the feature request subforum.


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I just want a sparkly boi (runner with flares/firework) that can distract the machines so i can easely target their weakspots.

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I think a variant of a tick would do that craft one using a tick pod a firework and 2 sticky flares
Edit: this is a suggestion don’t try and do this!

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Machine where you lock its sights on a specific area/machine which you fill with fireworks. Then it will shoot fireworks at that area in intervals of how long the firework lasts.

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Hi !

The game is boring right now, machines are way too powerful on PS4.

Could we control a machine (hunters for example). Maybe build our own machines or hack (and fully taking controles of) ennemies or just be a “corrupted” bots that will kill humans (pvp ?) or other machines ?

It looks a lot funnier to be the machine instead of the human since April. The AI just enjoyed more GZ than myself.

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Same discussion topics merged.

Also, PvP will never come to GZ. Devs have stated that on multiple occasions.


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Scanning the wasteland zero sees a sight they never thought they would see. It brings a warm feeling to their heart. They spot tied up in the back of the farmhouse a dog.

The iconography of a person wandering the wastes with a loyal canine companion is so in scope for GZ. What would a dog do you ask? Why pick stuff up so you don’t have to. While your bobbing and weaving and taking down bots Fido is working on making sure you don’t miss that first aid kit you desperately need. Or perhaps while your walking down the street Fido is popping from house to house picking up what you need.

I don’t think Fido should fight. If it helps perhaps your canine companion could share the load of the difficult to manage crafting supplies. I think a canine may even make the most sense in solo mode only. It might relieve some of the monotony of the game while giving you something to talk to on that long trek on your lonesome through the countryside.

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going on with the hacking perk, I think it would be funny if you could hack a robot runner and ride it, along with controlling it’s weapon systems. who’s with me?

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Read this topic to learn more what folks think of this idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


A dog isn’t a bad idea. It would add anew element to the story. Although, since all the other land animals seem to be gone, it would be confusing to have a random dog. So, if they are added to the game, other animals might need to be too, just for it to make sense. But the animals would be like the birds that fly around. Not intractable, just Background.

The dog could be earned through a mission, so it makes some kind of sense.

Combine ideas: robo-Doggo

I ain’t letting my idea go, I wanna ride a runner :worried:

It would be better than a horse or something, longevity-wise, thats for sure.