Machine Type Poll


Hi everyone.
I am very curious to see what was your choice in the Survey about Possible new Machine Types.
If you still did not do the Official Survey, please go and do it :wink:

  • Walkers
  • Tracked/Wheeled
  • Airborne
  • Amphibian
  • Androids
  • Other

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If your choice was “Other”, please elaborate.


I feel like we need machines that have other “limbs”, than just legs. I am ok with a machine that has any other limb than another one with legs.


How bout a snake bot? That’s what I want to see.


Dude, that would be awesome!


That could be a stealth enemy type!


What about a Spider machine? Smaller than an Harvester, bigger than a Hunter.
Or you have another idea?


Yeah I’m imagining it would be so hidden/sneaky that you could accidentally step on it, and it would whip around at you.


We could keep giving machine ideas, but I feel like its up to the team to give us a new machine type.


Of course, that is one of the reasons i created the poll.
Instead of putting those ideas in the official Survey page, we do that here, compare choices and discuss it.
It would be a bit of a mess to do this there.
Now if someone wants to Ask for a certain Machine type, then please do it in a proper and direct way.
But what do you mean by “other” limbs? Quite curious…


Legs, wheels, arms etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is why i asked about Spider design, the legs would be a bit different than the ones we have on the game.
If you find something that captures what your imagination is imagining, send it in a private message (or share it here) :wink: .


Anything but androids.


So, you mean everything else?


It will be nice to see people roaming around Sweden again. Till they shoot you and you realize the machines upgraded to android bodies!


I picked Walkers since we currently have walkers in the game as well and other types wouldn’t fit the game IMO. Though, my 2nd choice would’ve been Airborne (e.g like Seeker but 3-4 times bigger).


Perhaps something like a Dropship?


Could be.

E.g it hovers above ground, slowly, like seekers. You aggro it and it drops it’s payload: either 100 ticks or 10 runners.


Please, not 100 ticks! I would prefer 10 tanks :sweat_smile:
Maybe it drops only Runners and Hunters?:wink:


Basically yes.

That could be a good excuse for machines catapulted in battlefield upon call (Harvester’s or Reaper’s).
Somehow I keep imagining it as big FO2 Vertibird (FO3 and later are tiny AF).

Why everything else? Because with supposed tech we have in game, I see no difficulty for FNIX to install autonomous drone (as in drone of hivemind) with batch of sensors and servos to “assimilate” that dumpload of meatbags’ military scrapheaps of Gripens and 103s into something useful.

Speaking of drones and install. So far I’ve seen only drones have means of manipulating with objects. Harvester’s proboscis doesn’t count as I can’t see how that thing can construct anything. Ticks are “too disposable” for that task (albeit cableworks could be performed).
I’d like to see how or who did all that landscape remodel of South Coast region.
Tank with cranes on hips and “arms” instead of “arms”?

I mean legged machines are all cool and stuff for actual frontline military operations. But logistics (maintenance, repair and salvage) can be done by simpler machines based on contemporary compacts tracked/wheeled vehicles.
Oh and I’d like to see Seekers fly higher. Because they can.

Amphibians: Your typical hovercrafts, not heavy, not big (about your Saab car);
Machines with buoyancy, probably same old types, but bulkier for volume to be floatable as special class or new machine that can swim - boat with legs (See RA3 Stingrays).


Airborne AND androids.