Machines bugging inside Bunkers

Hello fellas,

I already noticed that the machines inside bunkers are kinda buggy but today it was just too much. I was raiding Uttern Bunker for the loot and some of the Runners weren’t at their place, some in cabin rooms some in other corridors. Then i was chilling inside the bunker for a bit making some drawings of it’s structure because why not?

Then suddenly i got surprised by 3 Seekers which bugged inside the first rooms of the bunker and destroyed them fast to get back to work without stress. Some time later i heard Hunters coming towards the bunker. I said to myself “okay, no problem, i’m in the bunker”. So yeah… i was down in the gas filled corridors and wanted to go up again and suddenly there were 3 Hunters right in front of the door where the round staircase is. And there also were 3 Hunters in the upper corridors. I’m a bit angry right now because they raped me from 18 Adrenaline Shots to 15…

I really hope the next update will also include a fix for that… please… have fun with these Pictures of the Chaos inside Bunker Uttern… sigh

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Uttern is my favourite looting ground. I always head there to resupply when running low on stuff, as it seems to consistently drop the nicest, most useful loot of any bunker. I tend to go there at the start of a new session to stock up before going out into the world. And I get this same problem in Uttern all the time.

Robots seem to randomly be spawning in pretty much anywhere, and it really appears that they’re even clipping through the walls from outside the bunker. The quantity and locations seems completely random, except I can typically expect 2-3 right outside the safe room door.

Notable weirdness I’ve encountered in Uttern so far:

  • Runner INSIDE the safe room when I fast travel in, started shooting at me before my load screen had even completely loaded, killing me instantly as I fully spawned in.

  • Cleared the war room fully (2 runners inside). Looked at war board, turned around to find a third runner spawned in right in the doorway.

  • Runners spawning in the dumbest places like bathrooms, stairs, stuck halfway in doors, etc

  • while clearing the ‘living quarters’ (not sure what to call that area exactly), runners seem to phase through walls and get into rooms. It’s like they spawn outside of the actual space and then clip through the walls to come at me.

  • Went to the lower level of Uttern via the spiral staircase. Upon coming back up, 2 hunters were stuck in the spiral staircase. Killed them, but couldn’t get back up the stairs, had to fast travel back to safe room, which caused a shitload of machines to spawn in again.

  • Hunters and runners outside the bunker that detect me inside the bunker will eventually clip through the walls to come after me.

This is just a small sample. I don’t think I’ve ever had quite as many as you encountered in one session @Zefren01. And I’ve never seen a seeker inside, but I do understand your frustration. This consistently happens to me every time.

You didn’t specify, but for me, this ONLY happens when I fast travel to Uttern. If I log off there, when I log back in, the bunker is 100% clear every time. Even machines outside that may detect me won’t clip in to come after me. But if I fast travel, machines spawn in and will clip in from outside.

I tested this theory by logging in at Uttern in a new session. I ran through the entire bunker looting it, and no machines anywhere. Once at the end of my looting run, I fast traveled back to the safe room, and suddenly there were machines everywhere I had previously been.

So yes, I agree this is a very annoying bug. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a “safe” house if you’re overrun by machines when you go there. It’s far from what I would consider safe.

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