Machines changing direction mid-jump

Similar problem, but not with fps. The situation is such that all the time the enemies are on another, remote server. Most noticeable with the smallest robots. They are not moving stably. It’s not a lag, but like not being in sync with my world. What could be the reason for this?
The game pc works great without any triggers 100-120fps 3440x1440 resolution with maximum settings (3090, i910900, 128gb). I play actively and such unpredictable enemy movements make it hard to hit.
Thanks for the reply.

Does this issue appear in your Solo game as well? Or does it appear only in multiplayer?

Also, if it appears only in MP, are you the Host or Client in that MP game?

oh, of course that solo, if it were mp I wouldn’t have any questions.

Hmm… this is 1st time i’ve heard that happening in solo play. There were sync issues in MP some time ago though.

To help devs the most, please fill out the guide found in here: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report and post the additional info here. :slight_smile:

Oh, recording of gameplay (with e.g OBS Studio) and uploading it (to e.g Youtube) would give a good visual evidence of what is going on.

Yes thank you. If more detailed pc information is required, it would be better to have the option to attach a dxdiag.txt file as well.
I will upload the video tomorrow, but I don’t know if you will see it.


I don’t know if you will see, but they change the trajectory in the air as if they are out of sync. This is a small example of what I was talking about, although perhaps you will say that it is conceived. Well then… :slight_smile:

Could you point to a specific time in the video where this occurs? Because I watched it twice and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Gave it also a look and to me as well, all looks completely normal.

One thing, that may throw you off, is that ticks lunge forward very fast and based on their size, one wouldn’t think that they are capable of jumping so far.

That could be the issue of ultra-wide 2K resolution you use and maxed out Field Of View. Try lowering FOV to see if it has an effect. :slight_smile:

Btw, in your video, you are side-stepping (to avoid ticks landing on you), and when you side-step, your perception angle changes, thus changing tick’s position in the air as well.

example 0.12 - jumping and changing the direction of movement. In the same way, there is a close battle with bigger robots when you are attacked with a sword - they fall on you in the air changing direction.
Well but if you think I don’t know what I’m talking about - forget… :slight_smile:

Gave it 3rd look, but this time at 0.25 speed and yes, Tick does change the jump path mid-air.

Took stills from your vid and did some paint to highlight the issue better:
At 0:13 in video, tick starts to jump left but at mid air, it’s changing it’s direction to the right.


Since we found out that the issue is different than in the previous topic, i went ahead and created a new bug report topic about this issue. :slight_smile: