Machines detection improvements

I think the detection system needs some improvements. Here is one of them I think can improve it

  • Machines should not be able to detect players who are outside of bunkers/houses when the machines are inside. Same if Machines are outside and players inside of bunkers/houses
  • If the player is far from the machines detection zone, the detection indicator should disapear and not stay till the machine is completely in calm state. Currently the indicator will show up no mater how far away you are, this usally happens when you fast travel
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Welcome to the communityh P3TTrak :slight_smile: These are some known issues with the game. The enemy machines detecting you through a wall or through the ground happens quite commonly in the game right now, I believe this is something that will be fixed when the enemies clipping through walls issue gets fixed. I can’t say for sure when these specific issues will be resolved, but thanks for sharing!