Machines dont attack?

i was playing with my friend and then encountered an prototype class hunter and it was not attacking? it was running at us but not attacking it only happend once, so its an rare bug. i was playing xbox one, my friend xbox one game pass.

i had a pack of fnix runners completely ignore me until i shot them yesterday, i could just walk around them withouth the stealth bar even showing up

Maybe another bug?
I experienced something similar yesterday in some few moments… Even in one base assault of a heavy base.

But don’t confuse that with machines doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes when playing coop with my friend there are machines that do absolutely nothing… But in that case often just I can see them, or vice versa.

I know that from tanks in the forest region at the 3rd hotspot there is often a tank that doesn’t govern at all when you walk around in it, it only becomes active when there is fire, that’s where I noticed it for the first time.

Had a Reaper in the Farmlands north, north west of the Boo Church safehouse that would only attack if I got close to it. So, I punched it in its face from the safety of the west entrance for about and hour or so then took his gifts with glee.