Machines dropped dead

Platform: PC.

Description: I was hosting a game when me and one other player was going to Norrmyra Artillery Base. I fast traveled to a place nearby and went in, but the other player suddenly disappeared, and then reappeared at nearby safe houses a few times. I tried dropping a radio at my position, but then he said “the map is broken”, and he left. Everything seemed fine on my part, but after he left I walked around the area a bit, and I found 6-8 machines nearby that had just dropped dead, with no sign of any damage. I thought they had frozen up at first, but they were dead. I could loot the machines, even got me a new, shiny Ruby Red Cykel for free! I looked around some more, but no other machines had died.

Steps To Reproduce: Haven’t tried.

Images / Videos: No.

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: 2.