Machines engaged fighting empty houses


I have came across enemies being engaged in fights with empty houses. It was at the south parts of Östervik, and first time visiting that area for the session. No sticky or ordinary flairs where used.
Their behavior where focused attacking the house even if I was in full view and just approximately 10-15 meters they did not engage any fight to me until I shoot at one of the robots. Only that engaged robot did return fire, the rest where still attacking the house until I picked them out one by one.
Sadly no recording of this since I forgot to start it.

Also at the same game session machines being in patrolling around a house and not being triggered and alarmed to combat. I where able to stand directly beside it petting it!

I will try to recreate and complete this with videoclip during the weekend.


Hello, this has already been reported and acknowledged in this thread :slight_smile:


Very long thix fixing is ;/ no patch