Faulty Enemy AI

Platform: PC

Description: So, this latest patch (September Patch 2019) seems to have screwed enemy AI completely. It’s been noted by others before but I though it necessary to make this official. Machines will not engage players, or they will detect them from extreme distances. They can also teleport around, phase through walls, or they will target houses, for some reason. While it doesn’t make the game unplayable, it’s really not enjoyable either when Hunters teleport behind you and insta-kill you in a fight.

Steps To Reproduce: I downloaded the Semptember Patch. Not sure what else to add.

Images / Videos:

Friendly Runner in Salthamn.

Friendly Runner and Tick attacking a house.

Video of a Hunter attacking another House, completely ignoring me.


I’d like to see this hotfixed.

Going in and out of combat at random is way too annoying to wait another month for it getting fixed.


I have this problem too. Machines are staying still at their positions if we don’t shoot them. Like paralyzed.

Enemies are fighting with each others like on this video.

And spiders can’t enter the houses if following player. Strange.

I add that i hear voices from enemies like they’re very very near, but they’re not there. I have message “fight is started” and no one attacks me…


Finally we can pet the dogs. The heavily armed and extremely dangerous dogs, mind you.


Yes this happens after recent update on PS4 thanks for reporting saves me filling a report out , like your self as a day one peep i have seen the dog’s do lots of stuff , it make’s a nice weird change to the norm , cheers

I ran into a whole pack of runners attacking a house last night.

They kept running around and mainly doing the “playful puppy stance”. Except for the one on the right. That one kept bouncing around against the shed and the door.

I observed them for about 8 minutes but I could hear them shooting long before. During that time a couple of them, one by one, suddenly woke up and attacked me whilst the others stayed busy with the house.

They all seemed to be targeting the lamp (or some other anchor point) above the front door from all directions:



Which also seems to be the case in both the video’s above.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play but so far I have only seen Runners and Hunters attacking a house and no other machines.
Other things I’ve seen:

  • A Seeker that just hovers stationary doing it’s “bleep thing” hundreds of meters away. Nothing responded.
  • Tanks that are completely oblivious while you shoot them, until suddenly they are not. (Whilst happily walking against a bunch of trees without turning around)
  • Tanks charging in the completely wrong direction.
  • Ticks spawning virtually in your face out of nowhere (near houses). And all what’s mentioned above.

The only machines that behave somewhat normally, that I have seen, are Harvesters. Although they also seemed a little too docile. But then again … I’ve only encountered three or four of them.

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This is actually not a fault to the AI, but rather nice detail, provided it is by design. Several times I’ve seen tanks running (yes, running) into cover behind the foliage of trees becoming practically impossible to see while they attack you. Using the IR scope you can kind of make out the outline of the bot, but firing at it becomes less effective. Often you’ll have to watch the trace of the bullets to make out their position. They are pretty good at hitting you though.

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I’m also having an issue where upon I fast travel to the dyvvks udder safe house it instantly crashes my game, is anybody else having this issue? I’m playing on PS4. Just want to make sure before reporting as a bug.

They even encountered this in the latest live stream where one hunter was totally ignoring the dev and just firing right over the front door of a house. This needs to be adressed.


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Dogs are attacking spiders in houses i think.

This is all actually my hacker skill. I think its a bit too effective now :stuck_out_tongue:


I have seen them running in a different direction around a stone wall in order to get to me but never as a defensive tactic. (But like a I said: haven’t had the chance to play much). That would actually be very cool in some ways.

What I mean was really a charge at the player. With the “alarm” going of and stopping after a short distance right in the middle of an open space. Of course, I wasn’t standing still when it initiated the charge but I was pretty far away from it (I guess around 40-50 meters, or so). It also charged with an obvious curve towards me (as if it compensated for my direction of motion) but then with it’s “target location” rotated 90º clockwise around the Tank.

I had a buffered recording running but unfortunately, very short thereafter, the game suddenly decided to do a CTD. So I didn’t have a chance to actually save the file :confused:

And what I said about Harvesters doesn’t seem to hold either. They also are oblivious to some extend. And they seem to get stuck a lot easier.

@korzychxp That’s what I thought at that moment too:

Screenshots with OP module

I turned the entire house upside down, so to speak. No Tick sounds, no sign of them, nothing. So I don’t think so anymore. It could still be a possibility if it’s a body-less Tick, of course. @Saddletank already recorded a body-less Runner so nothing seems to be impossible. :wink:

Have noted that the ‘engaged in combat’ distance seem screwed up in the latest patch. I can be very far from any machines and still not be able to fast travel.

@Alinde The reciprocal of distance is a female Runner, I’d say. :wink:

@IanForce I managed to capture something similar. Although the first time it was a totally flat surface and an even more open area. The distance was not exactly double but close.
The radius of the curve was more subtle and gradual over the entire charge. The first one also wasn’t even close to facing me when it had finished its move.

(Didn’t expect that shot to finish it, otherwise I would have fooled around a little more) :grimacing:

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@Zesiir maybe that hunter remembers that’s his ex girlfriends blue house. Lol

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Something I noticed yesterday was a Tank trying to get closer to not my position but the next quest marker instead. It only shifted its attention towards me once I had blown off its gas tank.

I’ve definitely had FNIX Hunters teleport from outside a barn to inside it and they’re suddenly standing right next to me. It’s terrifying.

But I’ve also seen amazingly cool AI behaviour - not sure if this is new but… several Tanks in a field head butting each other - like rams.

And I really like seeing them attacking another house that I’m not in, it makes it feel like maybe there’s someone hiding in the basement there or something. But it is silly when you’re standing right next to them and they’re just shooting at a wall.


I had two bodyless Seekers. I could hear them, I could see the red curve on the HUD, I could see it move as I went underneath them, but they were invisible and I couldn’t shoot them, even though I tried firing randomly into the air in their general direction. Eventually I went off to do something more interesting.


Probably his ex-girlfriend’s house. I feel like that a lot…


I hate to ask but: In the meanwhile, has this been acknowledged by the Devs as an official bug in any way, shape or form?

I find these forums remarkably silent when it comes to this, so; any word so far?