Faulty Enemy AI



I have seen it reported that at times in multiplayer some machines are invisible to some players but not the rest. Invisible Harvester

is it possible that this is somehow connected? the machines attacking houses are seeing players that we don’t see


I’ve gotten word that the devs are aware of this issue and are looking into it :slight_smile:


i don’t know if its a bug, but on a few occasions ive just walked into a town, just to be greeted by a tank charging straight at me from the other side of the village, rocket pods blazing while in full sprint. makes me feel unwelcome there…


Came across new bug, probably relating to this faulty enemy AI bug.
Endless spawns of ticks from dead FNIX hunter, all ticks attacked that dead hunter or each others. Or any other robot which came to their range.


I haven’t seen that (yet). Would be interesting to see what happens if you throw an EMP device or blow up a gas canister or something. :slight_smile:

I did see another Seeker bleeping at a considerable distance away from me. Same story as before. No movement and no response from other machines.

I have also seen a Hunter releasing Ticks which attacked the house the Hunter was shooting at:

And a Harvester that could not get out of defensive mode after I fired a rocket at it quite some time before. It kept doing that until I killed it:

The “weirdest” thing I’ve seen was a Runner sprinting past me and vanishing right in front of me at a distance of maybe 4 meters. From one frame to the next, just gone. Too bad the game crashed shortly after and I lost yet another recording. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No crash here on PC when fast traveling to Safehouse - Dyvik.


I encountered a similar bug with a FNIX harvester. My computer did not like what it was doing.
It spread ticks everywhere, even meters/kilometers away from the machine.

Short clip from the harvester (sorry for the lag in the begining, computer trying to cope with this bug):


Rats leaving the sinking ship?


The first time I played the game I was in one of the towns trying to kill a tank that kept dropping ticks. I finally moved to another house and killed the tank. This house had a back door with the large single pane window. Looking out the window I could see a number of ticks. I opened the door and through a flare. The next thing I see is a whole mass of ticks headed my way. I finally managed to get the door closed, one tick did get inside. When the ticks blew up I counted at least 70 ticks. They didn’t disappear like they do now.