Machines hearing issues

the robots are slightly deaf. i can hear player gunshots and machine gunshots from super far away but they can barely hear mine. shouldnt machines be able to hear them from the same distance as the player?

also, machine searching idea.
if a large group of machines gets alerted to something, (yellow colored eye mode) they will all form a square around the area of suspicion. they would search as much as possible going in a pattern like a spiral kinda until they get to the center. this would only happen with a group of 5+ machines and only runners and hunters. why? it would be cool and add something to the robots. it would also be harder to escape if the machines formed a perimeter around you and started to circle in.

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Actually many of the machines are ACTUALLY deaf
Harvasters tanks and runners are key among them.
I sat there for a good time studying them i blaired an n60 in a direction for them to not see the gun firing or get hit they were oblivious

So long as the shot impact is not in their line of sight again no responce

I was able to run up to a take n60 blaring in the air and it didn’t notice me till it got shot in the nuts

However hunters and seekers totally different

tanks and harvesters have always been pretty stupid about spotting the player but the rest should come searching for hundreds of meters after i use something like an rpg

edit: they probably wouldnt come from hundreds of meters because they are unloaded, but machines within 200 meters should atleast notice

If you nail something in their line of sight or something that catches the sensors they have they do.

But they have limited sensors and in some cases alot of sensor static

They can’t be deaf, if they were, what good would boomboxes and such be? :anguished:

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If I drop a boombox in general the closest tank, even if I didn’t know it was there, suddenly comes around running for the boombox. :thinking:

Boom boxes hit on a hell of alot more sensors then say they player yelling “hey over here” or firing their gun in the air.

Have you ever seen how violent a boombox can get? And the 1980s boom boxes are absolutely dangerous when compaired to todays (boom boxes are not dangerous in general and the comments of how dangerous they are only applys with compassion as its a demonstration to how far they have come)

So no that tank is not comming to the boom box cause it hears it. Its comming because the boom box lit other sensors up like a Christmas tree.

Edit: the same can be said for radios hitting other sensors