Machines recapture the bunkers

Could we wish for a mechanic in the game where there is a small chance/risk that the machines recapture the bunkers? This could just mean that the bunker is lost as a fast traveling point and that some or all the machines originally in the bunker has respawned.
This could be introduced when all bunkers are unlocked and maybe limited to one bunker on adventure level up to three on guerrilla?


Sounds good to me. It would give some incentive to revisit cleared areas, could be combined with small rewards like resources or ammo caches, and would bring back some of the uncertainty the game has when you start out in a new save.

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Something similar has been suggested in other threads/posts, too.

I like this idea for the same reason @gzbugs mentionend, but in my opinion it could get further.
After completing the mission where you get the buildplace for your homebase there could be random missions that automatically start after a short (1 minute?) timer when

  • you get close to the homebase or the ringfort or some other places (bunkers) or

  • fasttravel there and

  • your region level or region points are at a specific amount

These could be defensive missions or missions to recapture a bunker for example.
The amount, type and class of the machines could depend on your characters level.

There should be a special random reward after completing the mission:

  • rare materials such as uranium,
  • experimental weapons,
  • ammo and health-kits (some adrenaline),
  • pre-crafted unique experimental clothes (i. e. a gasmask with 90% gas resistance, a jacket with 50% fire resistance,…),
  • scematics for clothes or ammo,
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