Machines spawning in bunkers


Hi I’ve been away for awhile from this game I love what the game is meant to be that’s why I stop playing checked some of the updates and sounds good my biggest issue is robots respawning in bunkers when they have been cleared they should at least be a 100%safe area when those doors lock nothing is getting in has this been fixed or is it going to be fixed or is it going to stay that way


Some respawn but that’s not a bug. It’s intended.

Kind of boring game if we eliminate them all. What would we do then? :slight_smile:


I love it when they spawn where you do not expect them. Make for some good jump scares.


I guess you’re talking about Uttern Command Bunker since in there, bunch of mil and FNIX runners respawn.

That is a bug since one update (can’t recall which one) enabled the respawn for those 5-6 specific runners. It only happens in Uttern, while the rest of the command bunkers stay clear, once you cleared them out.

Lore wise, it also makes sense. Since machines were inside the bunkers 1st and you got the bunker bar codes from the machines. So, that you can trick the main entrance scanner thinking that you’re another machine, thus granting you access to Command Bunker. And just because you “unlocked” the safehouse within Command Bunker, it doesn’t instantly mean machines can’t get access to any of the bunkers anymore.

Corrected topic title.