Magnus Scope offset

If u really need to, u have to upload it to YouTube u can make it unlisted catagory then copy and paste the link onto a new line then u can play the video via here

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Platform: PC

Description: 2-4 Handgun scope on revolver does not align to center of screen, confirmed by 3 friends.

**Steps To Reproduce:**attach 2-4 handgun scope (blue) to any revolver, broken at all times.

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Players in your game: Many Players and Solo

Specifications: PC - Many Varieties.

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This is a well-known glitch, acknowledged by the devs as far as I know.
It will most likely be fixed in the next update, don’t worry.

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Same issue topics merged.


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thankyou for merging my post, glad to see it is widely known.


When you attach a hand gun scope to a revolver and aim in you look down the side of the scope instead of through it

Welcome to the forum.

This bug is already well known: Magnus Scope offset

Please use the search before creating a new thread :slight_smile:

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Same issue topics merged.


Is it normal that it’s happening with every Magnus I have?

Do read the patch notes:

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I don’t think this is normal, since it makes the aiming way uneasier.

This happened while using a lvl2 Magnus with a lvl1 handgun 2x-4x scope.

I’m using a GTX 1060 with a 2560*1080 pixels, 21:9 screen.

Thank you in advance for reading :grin:

A quick search on the forum would have answered your question. This is a well documented glitch that happened after the last update. The devs know about it and it will be fixed, I’m sure in the next update. :+1: In the meantime, just don’t use the scope. :wink:


Same issue topics merged.

Also, Forum Search still works.


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I must say I’m used of having this kind of glitch with my screen ratio, so that time I was sure the 21:9 was the issue. Didn’t even think about researching tbh

Looking forward for a correction then

@miowski I bet we’ll see the next update soon, hopefully in the first half of february. I would be very surprised if it didn’t include a fix to this glitch. :wink:

Personally, I have taken a preferance to using the Magnus without the scope. First I used the Magnus with a scope and silencer, where I would sneak in the bushes and snipe Runners in the fuel cell. Then I went to no scope + compensator, but the comp looks a bit bulky and weird on the revolver, and a compensator doesn’t even help much on a slow firing weapon. Now I use the Magnus with no attachments at all. It looks cool that way, and bringing it into close combat with Runners is really fun! :slight_smile:

Yeah I think I’d prefer playing it that way too ! Plus it doesn’t deal an extreme amount of damage so I’d not sneak and snipe that much with it. You’re right :grin:

Magnus 44 and Scope still offset. Please fix.

There has to be an update for it to be fixed. And since there hasn’t been one since the bug got reported it’s obviously not fixed. The devs know about and it Will probably be fixed with the next one. Just be patient.


Indeed, like @Terrorrobot said. An update is planned for February, if it’s any indication towards the schedule of previously released updates we can probably expect it towards the end of the month.

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hi jake here i’m having an issue with a bug or somthing with my scope on the magnus gun glitching to the left bottom screen bitimage image and hoping to have it fixed before update thanks and i’m on xbox one by the way