Magnus Scope offset

Right after the recent update December patch of 2020 my friend said he had an issue with his Magnus and sent me this picture while ADS with a Magnus scope ADS Gltich


I just regged an account to be able to post this bug so +1

Known issue.

Known Issues

We’re highlighting a few issues below that we know are pain points so that you know we are investigating them. There are definitely more than are listed here that we’re looking into.

  • If a scope is attached to the Magnum, when aiming down sights the scope will be off-centered making it difficult to aim properly

Patch notes:

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Thank you for the reply!
this at least lets us know it’s being worked on.

i have this bug, view image please:
Golden Magnus, silencer, scope with IR mod, .44 FMJ. I think it’s a matter of gunmodel settings so in game location does not matter, lower here You have some of my SW and HW specs.
Have a nice day.

Also: Could you please make gun addons icons on guns in inventory collored? And drag na drop? I have so many ideas… If you are interested, let me know.

Windows 10 (64 bitů)
NVIDIA driver:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor @ 3.94GHz
Patriot Viper Steel Series 2x8GB DDR4 4400Mhz CL19

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This is a known issue from the recent patch notes

  • If a scope is attached to the Magnum, when aiming down sights the scope will be off-centered making it difficult to aim properly

I have the same bug on Xbox one

Same issue topics merged and it’s known issue.


xbox one x when i tried to use a 2-4 zoom scope on a .44 magnum it scoped into the corner leaving my screen blury

Another merge.


Whenever the 2x -4x scope is equipped on the 44. Magnus, the scope is at a slanted angle.
Instead of being on centre and forward facing the scope is at a left leaning lob sided angle whenever you aim down the sights.
Platform: XB1 Standard.
Description: I was clearing the attachment slots for the Magnus by accident while trying to equip the scope then this happened.
I’m the host and I was playing alone.

This is a known issue. Merged with main topic.


Platform:PC steam

Description:The behavior when the 2-4x pistol scope is attached to the Magnum is strange.

Steps To Reproduce:I don’t know the details. It was time to attach an IR sight to the scope and aim.It may be hard to see in the image, but the scope is greatly shifted to the lower left. (If I shoot in this state, a bullet flew to the center of the screen)This is not the case with the scope removed.

Images / Videos:20201226143445_1

Host or Client:At that time I was playing solo.

Players in your game:I should have been playing solo at that time.


I’m sorry for my poor English. I hope it helps to make the game even a little better.

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Same issue topics merged.


I have problem by scope. If I using Aim, the scope show me weird. How can I send a video?

IMG_20201228_204227 IMG_20201228_204248

There is no need, this is a well-documented issue. Please search before you post next time.

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Oh okay sorry, I’m new here. I have to get to know each topic a bit

Same issue here

When zooming in on my Magnus the scope is really far to the left so I cannot see what’s in it besides a blurred world, I do have a video that isn’t the right file type but I’ll send asap

Same issue topics merged.