Zoom in With Scope Issue, Harvester Reinforcement Issue, Red Dot Issue

Platform: PC

Description: When Zooming in with the Scope on the Revolver. It Does not Zoom in the Center. It Just Moves to the Left. Also When Fighting the Harvesters, when they kneel down to get reinforcements. the 2 hunters just pop up out of know where. Also When Using the Red Dot on the Experimental Rifle, you dont see the Sparks or the explosions of the robots when destroying them.

Steps To Reproduce: Just Use a Scope on the Revolver. and just fight a harvester and get then to spawn reinforcements, Use a red dot on the experimental rifle and destroy a runner or hunter.

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: 1 person

Specifications: AMD Rysen 2700 Eight-Core Processor 3.20 GHz
RTX 2060 16GB Ram

I have seen the harvester reinforcement just teleport in too.

One bug report per topic please.

Topic closed.


Known issue, topic: Magnus Scope offset

Already reported, topic: Harvester behaviour