Harvester behaviour

Harvesters now insta-spawn enemies, bug or as intended since update?

It’s not intended. They’re meant to be called down in intervals via pods, looks like the update incidentally changed that. So my best advice for now is, take down Harvesters fast, or risk getting swarmed by Hunters.

Don’t get me wrong I like this accidental change maybe they should keep it, ( i might be in the minority for this change though)


Cheers xezr for clarifying :+1:

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As far as I know it is an acknowledged issue, but there wasn’t time to change it before the release of the update. It does make battles a lot more interesting, especially on the higher difficulties…

No problemo :slight_smile:

Downloading update…
So basically Harversters call infinite hunters just like After April update?

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Looks like it, yeah. I can imagine that Apoc Harvester encounters can get hairy pretty quickly.

I see.
But if they are still behaving like enemies in a Batman game, attacking the player no more than 2 at the same time, it´s only problematic for new players.
Are they ?:open_mouth:

At one point I encountered some 40 Hunters, they chased me through a forest and it was harrowing, but once I took shelter I could take them out so, it’s not impossible. Though, I play on Adventure :smile:

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You play on adventure?:open_mouth:
How the mighty have fallen…i had so much respect for you…(joking)
I play mostly on skirmish, but until they fix it, I might change it to adventure, at least when facing Fnix and Apoc class Harvesters…:sweat_smile:

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Uh… The only problem for me was that new tech of FNIX, that made hunters insta-spawn. (Techically they always have been insta-spawning and taking whatever damage, it’s just that animation made it fancy.)

Harvesters been calling-in at same “November” rate. The other problem is that there was ridiculous initial harvester cound on square meter with a big escort, that didn’t count as “paradropped”. A single harvester in the middle of nowhere with nothing around within any LOD range is same threat as it was at Nov’20. At least my risky approach of defang-and-slaughter have tendency to break harvester’s urge to call reinforcements since before call-in limits were implemented.
I guess this has same issue root as was with misplaced rivals and other machines at the launch of Nov’20 patch - just needed region-level purge to set it right.

@Zesiir Prototype, Military and Fnix Harversters do not spawn infinite Hunters (the same as pre update)
I tested this on PS4, only in Skirmish difficulty.
(I still did not test with APOC Harvester)
It might be a random bug or PC bug related?
And yes, as @DeadWanderer said, the Hunters that Harvesters call now spawn without pods, “insta-spawn”.

Okay, gotcha. I’ll do some testing myself, see if I can replicate what was reported by the OP.
In any case, the Hunters spawning without pods (aka instantly) is a bug and it’s been reported internally.

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After I ran amok Farmlands a bit longer I’ve concluded and confirmed that “hunter flood” comes from too much Harvesters (harvest season in December?) around. Like, seriously. I’ve been checking new map stuff and didn’t find a field without a harvester to feed on whatever grass it can chew on there.

Yeah, I hit this yesterday fighting a rival harvesters, the hunters multiplied like weeds, it was kind of ridiculous and I had one heck of a melee on my hand. I don’t mind them so much running out of the woods from being called. But, just pooping out of the back of a harvester I am trying to nuke is a bit annoying, it kinda messes up my targeting and gameplay. :sunglasses:

Lol I noticed this as well and though it’s just a bug I kinda like the added stress to combat (skirmish) it’s fun cause I may not survive XD