Main Menu - QR-code to the forums

Hey, I just thought that with many possible new users due to playstation plus, you could add a way to join the forums fast and easy out of the game (console browser or by mobile by scanning a qr-code).

By that the new players activel get knowledge about the forums and maybe inform themselves here instead of just leaving the game too early.


Excellent idea.

But 5d and not a single reply. Does this indicate a slight death of the forums? Did their breakage of multiplayer make too many people quit playing? Has their silence on fixing the issues people brought up to them finally caused a retreat from the thing we enjoyed?

Well, I’ve not been playing, so I don’t know. I went back to GW2.

@Madchaser it is indeed a good idea, but as always it passes them while they are sleeping on the job.
What is GW2, im curious?
I think people are a bit tired of the way this works " a new update comes, they fix 2 things and break 1 another, then there is the fact its from 2019 and its usually 2 or 3 updates per year with new “small” stuff , not big areas, not new enemies, not new events.
Sure the game while buggy and lacking some content is still very fun and interesting, but while this is true, everything else i said before is also true, and then there are other hobbies, games and problems people might have.

ah, and the latest forum update turned this in a mess, half of the time i cant see what are my latest notifications because everything is marked as blue(new) !!

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I guess he could mean guild wars 2. :man_shrugging:

That’s the point.
The older a game gets, the higher the expectations to get a good, good working, bug free and stable game.
There is still new content and I still love the game, but the bugs are killing it softly.
And if I’m frustrated because of lost progress or frequent crashes, I play something else.

So besides of fixing the heavy bugs they need a longterm concept of keeping the game alive, if it’s their intention.

And that can’t just be reached with some small updates or small content DLCs. There has to be something great as the last great story expansions are already some years old.

And as it’s a community driven experience, the community should be kept up to date frequently. They should be participated more. The weekly Dev stream surely is one way of information, but the format needs some more structure and more food for our minds instead of just playing. I already suggested that and Carni seems to be willing to Change some aspects.
But there is more community. I don’t talk about the social media which is too fast and does forget too fast. I mean public relations and the forums.

We need to see more presence here. More reactions and if it’s just a documentated followup for reported bugs or a short feedback for feature requests.

There could also be some more public/community events, polls about something like “what should we do next?” …

There is so much that can be done… but there are always two sides. Keeping the game and the community alive.

That’s something I don’t experienced yet. On my mobile the forum now runs much better, but maybe in PC it’s different. :man_shrugging:

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