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:top::radio_button::hammer_and_wrench: Hello development group, there is an interesting idea with the integration of the “Hardcore NPC” implementation, in some types of bunkers, you have a large area of bunkers, there is no sense of danger in them, since most hostile NPCs do not pose a threat,
and are very simply destroyed by standard weapons, I suggest adding complex opponents

:ballot_box_with_check: You can take the model of the NPC “Tank” combat robot as a basis, slightly change its visualized style, change the external coloring, place the health scale above the current model, and add some light sources on this texture

:ballot_box_with_check: For this NPC model, you can add a few minor details, for example, bayonets in the lower zone for a close-range attack, change the color of the flight of cartridges, missiles, make the simplest manipulations with changing its actual origin

:ballot_box_with_check: Of course, this type of robotic enemy will appear exclusively in a certain underground location, remove unnecessary items, there are a large number of third-party object textures in your bunkers, if you create an optimal zone of comfortable movement, there will be an appearance of dynamism interacting with a hostile NPC, you can add auxiliary, explosive objects, in case of penetration into the locality of hostilities, ensure isolation of real players so that in case of inability to make retaliatory, destructive actions to a complex NPC, a real player could not leave the zone of combat confrontations, while having to be destroyed, this will allow coordinating their actions

:children_crossing:This recommended innovation will allow players to immerse themselves in a new factor
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in a cooperative relationship, there will be a need to search for a group community, players will have a planned sequence of passability of the game plot, there will be a need to make intellectual calculations regarding their combat capabilities, statistical comparison of survival / damage, it will raise the bar for online synchronizations, now bunker locations will be really interesting, with collectible assignment of unique objectivity, aesthetic customization, the possibility of self-willed safe movement will be reduced, this is an extremely necessary element of the gameplay with the addition of complex NPC
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11:heart_decoration:These gif animations are designed for this GENERATION ZERO gaming audience, regarding the provision of detailed information comparable to the initial test presentations, if you liked the gif animation / initiative of this proposal, please support with a like, take part in a text discussion / add variations of your relative representations of the external texture of a hostile NPC, thank you for your attention, follow the news12

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I see, you like to play with gifs…
But could you tell us, what you like to request?

Regarding the titel of the topic (and of another one of you): what do you mean with NPS?
Do you mean None Player Character?

I wanted to edit the gif definition of NPS it’s just a new hostile character

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That is a tank, that is nothing new to the game…
This post contains no feedback or feature request, perhaps moderator should move or close this topic?

One stupid question:

Did you ever play Generation Zero?
At least if you look at the cover of the game you should know that it’s an already existing hostile unit: a tank.

If you don’t have a further describtion of what you liked to suggest, this topic should be removed, as @FreeCandy said.

Currently it’s just spamming gifs…

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I played about half a year ago, what are you all not patient, I was just trying to calculate the optimal image size, for publication I took one type of character to start creating a theme

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Ok, I’m used to post something as soon as it’s finished, not earlier. :wink:

Your idea sounds like a boss-fight like against the Metal Gear mech in Metal Gear Solid, with a reaper as opponent.

Maybe finish your post before publishing them in the future.

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I think it will become more interesting nice idea :v:

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