Main theme metal remix

Hello you beautiful people!
Me and my friends made a little present for this fantastic community.
We made a complete metal remix of the original theme song of GZ. We originally thought of releasing it when the resistance update dropped, but due to the delay we hoped this might make waiting for the update a little bit more bearable.
We put a LOT of effort into this little project so we do hope that the community enjoy it. Our highest hopes would be that maybe even some of the devs might see it.


This is amazing! I absolutely love very remix of this I have heard. This metal one especially. Nice job.

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It’s really well made. Love it! :heart_eyes: :+1:

@Avalanche_Pontus You got to see this! :smile:


Damn good, I got goosebumps.
Well done guys.
Keep up the good job.

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Absolutely beautiful. I love metal and you did an amazing job at translating the theme of this awesome game <3 I will make sure every last dev sees this if it’s the last thing I do.

Wow, really? That would be absolutely insane. ^^ Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing. It’s really means a lot to us ^^

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Woaaah, this gave me goosebumps! I’m a big metal fan and this felt amazingly good to hear.

Well done :metal:

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Thanx a lot, man! ^^ We were think of putting it on soundcloud aswell so anyone can listen to it on the go.

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This is freakin’ awesome! If anything, I would have wished you brought the heavy metal at bit sooner than 2:20 in. Love the guitar harmonies and double bass drums - great stuff!

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This is so incredibly good! I and the entire GZ team rocked to this all day yesterday! 11/10


@Avalanche_gipskatt Dude, honestly! This means the world to us. We are over the fr**kin’ moon.
We were thinking about send you guys a party’s worth of Cassettes with the remix as a sort of “in-game collectible”, token of appreciation. We have access to professional tape equipment and we thought it would be a shame to let this opportunity go to waste. Would you be interested in that?

Great work, i like Metal :metal: so rock on dude. They should make that as in game music.

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The remix has bin uploaded to soundcloud, so you guys can hear it on the go. Thank you all for your amazing response.


Wow, really good.:+1::+1:thanks​:+1::+1:

would be epic if this played as the combat music instead of regular combat music