Major bug with the Uttern bunker mission. It never updates

I’m not sure if the developers already know about this but I thought I’d mention it. Basically the mission doesn’t update even after you get enough barcodes. It allows you into the bunker once you get the codes but even then it stays stuck on “Destroy enough machines to get a complete entry barcode” so there isn’t any way to complete the mission.

it’s one of many “known issues” I had it where destroy machines was checked off but it still wouldn’t let me in. Had to have someone else open the doors for me and it let me turn the power on and complete everything but the doors will still not open for me

I see. Is there a workaround for this yet? Would having somebody else join my game and activate the warboard work for me?

Likely that would work. Get a friend or someone else to unlock it for you. You may not be able to get back in yourself after (which sucks because Uttern is a loot piñata waiting to be hit), but at least that would get the warboard and the missions.

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There’s good loot in Nutter bunker :upside_down_face: i missed it will go back , cheer’s for tip @Crunchmeister , after 2 save deletion on 3rd try for Uttern bunker i blasted through first island then straight to Uttern which i had actual way points to warboard , so i did it and never went back , missed the loot lol :rofl: Thank’s

i can still get back in by fast traveling in, just cant go in through the doors

I call it “Lootern Bunker”. Every time I start a play session I head there first to restock on ammo, adrenaline and advanced medpacks. It’s by far the best loot of any of the bunkers.

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