Major Bugs / Bad Combo - 2019-06-09

  1. Loot respawn every 4 hrs - ok, except:
    A) Off of main island toolboxes tend to be empty as well as a a large portion of back packs.
    B) Game kicks you out, you go back in, and the robots respawn, loot does not.
    C) Helping out in Multiplayer, go to Solo - Robots are back, loot is not.
    D) If you look in a box and decide to leave it for later (You leave the area), you can’t fast travel back and reopen it later (needs a 4 hr refresh).
    E) You need to grab what you can, when you can; but not enough storage to hold alternate weapon/ammo.

  2. When a friend hosts and you are client (I have increased ammo drops); your ammo drops from ammo loot boxes are far less than the hosts (If you have the same weapons, you do get more ammo for those weapons than if you have different weapons; but it is still less). I used to go on ammo runs in between sessions, but with 4 hr loot respawn, this does not work well anymore. This has been a big issue for me and I have been playing far less multiplayer because of it.

  3. Deployed radios will p[lay music a 2nd time if you walk by them later (not sure if it attracts monsters).

  4. Killed military runners sound like seekers.

i have left ammo for weapons i do not carry and smoke grenades in boxes and had it still be there when i returned before the 4 hour timer was up.

Lucky you :slight_smile: Even if I leave loot in the box, if I come back a couple minutes later it will have the lid opened so it is not lootable. In my experience, if you open loot box or back pack (regardless of whether you take the loot or not) it will need 4 hours to respawn

I wonder if this next update will bring any major changes to the looting system? Other than fixing all the empty toolboxes, of course


the 4 hours wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to be in the game for them to count

okay, maybe it was just luck. checked a box but didn’t take anything, went to the main menu and back and it was shown as open so ignore my earlier comment i guess.:confused: