Make a way to highlight specific things by pinging them

Please, make a way to ping items and enemies with just one click (you can use the game Apex Legends as a model to get inspired by).

Whenever we drop an item for a matte, we are used to pathetically shooting the item on the ground to show the person where the item is.

It also happens with enemies, sometimes I want my friends to help me kill a specific robot among many others, and there isn’t a proper quick way to do that.

Ps.: before someone points that out, I do know there is a skill that gives you the ability to highlight enemies by using the binoculars but doing that during a hard frenetic fight is totally inconvenient.

I do hope you guys consider this request.



You can highlight/mark enemies using your binoculars.

You clearly haven’t read the entire post.

A hotkey to put a Map Marker wherever you are pointing your crosshair would be very helpful.