Make it easier to provoke attacks

I’m still pretty new to Zero Gen. Been playing with a friend. We have lots of missions to finish, but we played our first control point battle against robots that we provoked. We had no idea what we were doing the first time. Started to understand after the battle. But we’ve been trying to provoke another attack after building up our base and been at it for a looooong time. It was a fun part of the game, and it feels :frowning: that it takes sooo long to provoke an attack.

I read that it is random, but also you have a higher chance as you increase the threat level. I honestly think you should take the randomness out of it. Maybe give it a cool down and a specific amount of threat increase or something. Or just give it a way higher random chance. It’s a fun part of the game to build bases and defend. Please don’t make it so hard to play this fun part of the game!

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Maybe it doesn’t work as intended?
I don’t know how it currently works.
When there was just the one and only homebase, it just depended on the region score.

Maybe there now additionally is a limit of active base defenses.
(i.e. You claimed 6 control points in farmlands, but just build one base. You increased region score and now may start base defenses at 4 control points, your bases included. After a succesful base defense there and increasing region score again, the base defense becomes available at another control point, but not the one your base is at. The limit is reached, so you’re forced to build another base and defend it once to throw the dice again.)

I’ll go and check how it looks for my game. (as I didn’t do any base defenses since there are bases in farmlands, too)

Here are my results:

Farmlands: 6/6 control points, defense available at 6/6, current region score 7013.
Southcoast : 4/4 control points, defense available at 2/4, current region score 178.
Forest region: 4/4 control points, defense available at 4/4, current region score 322.

Ok, there don’t seem to be a limit. Maybe it’s just reaching the specific region score again and again, by decreasing it by destroying rivals, and increasing it again.

In general I play in farmlands and north coast region. After introduction of more bases in forest region I played a lot there. I’m not often in south coast.

I’ve been playing in mostly forest where I got my first control point after a specific mission gave me 20 command points. We did a defense. Then got it the thread score up to 2k-3k a few times and have not provoked another attack. I got a new control point in farmlands recently and got it up to 3k and still have not provoked an attack.

I read somewhere on a forum (maybe this one, not certain) that it was random when an attack is provoked, but the chance increases with a higher score. Could be a bug is preventing it though… Or some other unclear limitation.