Make night vision useful!


Is it just me or is night vision pretty useless in gz? I think it would be better if we had maybe some sorta night vision Goggles rather than the attachments it would also maybe give us some armour slots or something to place the goggles in. Night vision goggles could be turned on just by equipping it giving an effect like the heart glasses or moustache glasses but with night vision. I just don’t think it’s very helpful looking at a small area through night vision and seeing it all at night in normal view would be epic :sunglasses:. At least I think so what does the rest of the community think? (Side note if the mods think there is a better place to put this please do so and my sincere apologies)


It would be useful if the nights were realistically dark.


Agree, Night Vision is not useful at all, the flashlight works better.
I know back on the day, night vision googles were not as good as they are now, but the night vision used in the game is almost as bad as the night vision used by the Nazis (yes, the German army used them since 1939 to the end of the War, although being rare, they did used it, amazing right? ).
Maybe the one present in the game should actually help and be a little better no?
Thermal and OPV(X-ray) are fine as they are.


Did you ever try to equip a Magnus with a scope and a nightvision module? Try to build this and look through it… the whole world turns green not only the part in the scope :sweat_smile:


It’s not just you, @Admiralgamer. The NV module is a piece of trash. Personally, I never use any of the vis. mods, although I have them equipped on my sniper rifles. In some very, very, very rare cases, I may get a use for thermal vision in heavy snowfall, or OP vision when Runners are hiding in the bushes.
Nightvison however, is useless. What point is it when nights are not dark at all? With NV, everything just blends together in a green mess. If night was actually pitch black, that green mess would be a lot better than seeing nothing, so yes, the bright nights are the main problem.

In a different thread I did argue in favor of making the nights in GZ darker. That would be so much more fun! We could even have a moon cycle, where at full moon the nights are like they are now, and at new moon it would be much, much darker. :slight_smile:


They even could implement Aurora Borealis and shooting stars then :slight_smile:


Of course, why not? :slight_smile:
Shooting stars happen all the time, but Aurora Borealis could show up on rare occasions. If Östertörn is in the vicinity of Stockholm, that’s a bit far south, but whatever. It would be a splendid sight indeed! :grin:


Yes I have never used night vision as thermal and opv are so much better. I love the idea of night vision goggles and getting night vision to work better :slightly_smiling_face: