Make shift weapons or vehicles

Make a gunsmith station a work station where we could take machine, gun, vehicle parts combine them together and make “Scrappy Weapons” they would be fun to use not over powered and have versatility to them. For example take a hunter sword break it down to be more suitable for the player model to wheeled. Or a Runner body and a dirt bike parts into a ridable runner dog with ethier the submachine or shotgun attachment. BUT THEY HAVE DURABILITY OR NUMBER OF USES.

You know…if you like those things you can just go and play Mad Max, Fallout games, Rage 1/2, Far cry, Dying Light and Rust. I recommend those.
Those things would make the game something it is not, you might want it but it´s not part of the devs vision and it would make the game look like one of those games, they are good but they are not GZ.
GZ would loose what magic it still retains.

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