Make Some Noise bug (Stuck on 3/4 and unable to progress)

So I’ve brought this topic up before back when the dlc first released but unfortunately it has not yet been fixed so here I am again.
This bug happens/happened during the mission Make Some Noise where the player has to pick up 4 notes, I originally completed this objective and then moved to the next but then the game crashed sending me back to the previous objective where I have 3/4 notes but the 4th doesn’t spawn. I’ve tried reloading the game (in everyway), uninstalling and reinstalling the game but nothing has worked. I’ve been very patient with the updates and patches for this game since I encountered the bug but there’s nothing else I can do in game since the main dlc quest is now bugged and I can no longer progress through its story. I basically spent money on content I can’t access in a game I really enjoy, please Devs fix this bug soon.

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