Make the cosmetic EXO suit USEFUL

You have to grind for it. It is made to LOOK like an exosuit…so make it DO stuff.
NVG or Thermals for the goggles.
Reload speed or Steady aim from the hands.
Speed & stamina from the feet.
The back can give more carry weight.

Stuff like that.


It’s not the first time I read that. :thinking:
There should be other topics with ideas about some apparel with additional use or that should grant certain / random bonuses.

Best example are helmets. They all should give some bullet protection.
Next are military outfits with vests and last but not least exo suits.
They did it with the gas masks which all give gas protection (while gas masks are another topic, as they should be a useable item).

That’s nothing new. Just attach a vision module to the binoculars.

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I was pretty sure someone would have suggested it, but I didn’t see it so I ‘added’ the idea again.

Different quality gas masks would be cool, since they already don’t function like a real gas mask :stuck_out_tongue: and are ALL filthy.

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And while on the subject, there is still the Soviet Exosuit that Tereshkova’s troops had, which we still can’t get—despite finding so many bodies, and dealing with so many Soviet machines and loot containers… It could have slightly different specs from the Swedish FOA EXO.

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Not the same thing. A goggle is WORN all the time, not just pulled out to look through.

Oh, I understand.
I confused goggles with binoculars.

This is a old topic but i believe any Exo complete Suit should allow us to:

  • Have a lot more of stamina = Run a lot longer

  • Be able to carry more weight

(No, i am satisfied with the new Plundra but Exo non Sci Fi suits are supposed to give us more strenght and speed, allow us to walk better and lift more weight)

unrealistic, do you know how heavy armor is, unless your a Sywvestor Stallone & Arnold Swazanagor, heavy armor doesn’t give speed boost in real life, :rofl: take Ashley from re4, walking around in that armor light as a feather, :fearful:, doesn’t make sense image

Are you directing this to me?
That in Ashley is a Knight Armor, its heavy, poor Leon has back issues because of her now.
Exosuits(exoskeletons) actually exist in different sizes and purposes they help Workers to lift heavy cargo, and there are also others being made for the U.S army(and possibly other military forces), they help with heavy weight and its easier to walk, they help posture.(you can even buy one aliexpress but look kinda lame, look for them, its expensive though)
Now, in the context of GZ, it makes perfect sense to have exo suits with the perks i gave before, and for the record those few abilities have nothing to do with CRYSIS exosuits perks or with exosuits from other futuristic videogames.


“Edge of tomorrow” is a good example for an exosuit.

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Although those Exo are horrible, low battery, no armor, they improve walking and running but are not very agile, but they are not super sci fi and futuristic