Making a toggle ADS button on PC

How to make a custom ADS Toggle for PC in 2 easy steps.

I’m using Razer Synapse here but most every gaming brand has their own custom software so I’m sure it can be done just as easily with other brands.

I now have both a Hold(RMB) and a Toggle(CTRL) and can choose which I use depending on situation…

This game currently only offers a “Hold to ADS” function, meaning you have to press and hold your RMB for prolonged periods of time while tracking moving targets. The JSON settings file has an entry for this but it does not work. I think it used to work at release but it does not any longer.

This prolonged holding of RMB can for some users cause alot of stress on the fingers, wrist, shoulder, neck, back and so on depending on how ergonomic you play. Perhaps youre disabled or suffered trauma or nerve damage and this quickly becomes a problem with gamesessions lasting more than say 30 minutes.

A simple ADS toggle button would alliviate alot of this stress. One way of doing this is through your gaming mouse/keyboards custom software.

Step 1: I recorded/made a macro playing a single press of RMB.

Step 2: I assigned the macro to a button(Ctrl) with the playback option in synapse: “Play once”.

This resulted in a workable toggle that on a single press goes ADS and stays there.

It wont however leave ADS on the same button no matter what playback option I tried, be it option “playonce”, “toggle continously on/off” or “play while assigned key is pressed”.
So my best option was to use “Play once” and still use RMB to leave ADS which works flawlessly and is already rooted in my musclememory.

I can move in all directions, crouch, hold my breath, reload, go into the inventory to drag stuff to quickbar or rearrange items and use the map.
If I reload during the toggled ADS I will go ADS again directly after reloading is finished and the same goes with if I go into menys and back out to the game while I’m in the toggled ADS state.

I probably wont use the toggle much myself but it can be done if youre feeling the need for one.


This helped me a great deal, thanks for the post

Excuse me, what is ADS?

Aim Down Sights. ADS

Thank you, sir. :slight_smile:

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lol yep. My original message was just “Aim Down Sights”, But I had to add “ADS” to post.

The above guide was posted before the option came to the game. Now, there is actual option in-game that lets you choose if ADS is toggle or not.

That being said, this topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it. :lock: