Making FNIX outposts useful (The supercomputer ones)

Even without the FNIX rising DLC this still applies.

A toggle able setting will change this on or of and pretty much the amount of supercomputers that survive
influences a stat called “Intelligence” which is displayed at the top right of your map screen just above the command token thing in the purple bar “Intellegence” influences what kind of machines spawn where and where rivals go

A positive score will make higher class machines spawn more replacing existing spawns or at the highest levels creating new ones. This will also deploy more machines near where the player usually is around and killing things (In my case around stora dyrbo)

Neutral score keeps everything how it is by default

A negative score makes machines spawn randomly for example prototypes in Himfjáll island. and generally makes machines dumber too like flame throwers shooting too much behind/Infront of you when moving or shooting other FNIX robots instead of Soviet robots or the player at the lowest levels.

The longer a supercomputer lives the more intelligence it gives and it may make more supercomputers beside it (like the ones with three in a row) plus the more FNIX will defend it at the highest tier (existing for 6 full hours) it will create a base around it with defences better than the highest tier FNIX control point and deploying apocalypse robots and tanks for defence

(Obviously does not affect soviet robots)

it’s an interesting suggestion and combat wise it would make the game more realistic and I would like to see it in game, but I’m concerned on how it would affect performance.