Making my own Dala Horse


So, with the next video on pause until console release - I’ve made a start on the Dala Horse. It’s inspiration sadly came with a dispute over eBay over The collectors edition of Generation Zero.

Long story short, the picture displayed in the listing showed the 7” Dala Horse - in black, with red detail, with the rare Ash of the Flesh t shirt also in red and black. He confirmed it had the horse and I payed over the odds - only for the listing image to changed just before the auction ended.

Frenchie tried to pull a fast one, got disputed as soon as it went to Payment and transaction was cancelled. So no collectors edition sadly, so the hunt continues however - I’m gonna make the horse anyway.

Day 1


Nice start, Looks good so far! :+1:


looking nice, man. hope that the rest goes as smoothly.:+1:


Day 2


Legs formed - everything square


Now 24 hour bath



Squared up the face to start


Then sides, and into saddle area. Now, he’s getting a sun tan for 24 hours.


Legs, Belly, back, chest done. New blades tomorrow for head


Here’s the penultimate cuts before the final pass. I’ve going to do something risky with it, but I’ve tried it before on similar projects so next picture will be it completed.


That looks really nice, please continue i want t see that horse when it is ready.


Well yes tomorrow is literally judgement day. Because of the DLC being put back so significantly I may do a little video about the project so others can attempt in the future.

Bang on 6”


What colours are you planning for it dude?


All will ( weather permitting ) be uploaded tomorrow.

It will be a first though :wink:



That looks really nice. And it looks like very professional work. :+1::+1::+1::+1::smile:


It was extremely satisfying ( but time consuming ) to make.

I’ve ordered another 20 blanks - so I’ll make them as gifts over the years.

Glad you liked it mate.


It is a nice idea to work that wood with the flame to emphasize the wood grain. Good work :+1::+1::+1:


I’ve done some big pieces in the garden past year. I was worried that the char would reduce the leg proportions when i wheeled it - but I just about made it.


Something tells me this isn’t your first wood carving. That’s very nice handiwork, well done :slight_smile: