Making night time darker and night vision module glare

I feel the night time in generation zero is too bright making night vision useless to use, it also doesn’t help when the moon is max brightness most of the time. Making the night darker will make the modules of any type more useful at night while making it feel that bit more realistic or fun also the IR vision module seems to better at doing night vision then night vision itself is.

The night vision module is a little bit bug or is intended by the game devs but when snowing or raining there’s a big glare spot right in the middle of the scope where the crosshairs are in the scope.

and no flashlight is not on btw.

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Maybe the nights in sweden are as “bright”?
Or it’s because of your graphics / display settings?

Nevertheless, night vision in general is a residual light amplifier. So the darker it is, the less you see, too.

So darker nights wouldn’t necessarly help with your issue.

Can you add a screenshot? No idea what you mean.
Or it’s because of the snow. Snow reflects light and therefore may look very bright in night vision. :man_shrugging:

After 5 years of requesting?

Use the “night vision” optics in a bunker with zero lights on, you can’t see because there is no light to amplify. In game they are Low Light vision, not zero light vision as you are describing. The IR works better in zero light because it is showing infrared red light, or temp differences. They work great in zero light conditions, but don’t point them at fire. That is why you can use the IR optics to “see” weak points on the machines. They are darker till you destroy them, then they are light color.

Requesting what? That players read the descriptions of the optics and understand the meaning?, Then I agree.

When GZ was released the nights was darker, more or less just black. And in the mountain region or other wooded areas it was really nasty to walk around when we heard the hunters howling around us.
We use to talk about that from time to time when we revisit old places where we fought epic battles.
In between, for the sake of excitement, you wish it were like that again, albeit with night binoculars.

(picture from jan 2024)

I wouldn’t want it to get darker than it is on this picture. Visuals in the dark are really straining the eyes and I can’t wait for daylight to come. In forests or indoors it even gets darker if there is little illumination.

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Agreed, darker nights would be sweet.