Manual saving request

I think the devs should add manual saving into the game. That way you don’t have to rely on auto saving to save your game.


if you fast travel to a safe house then it auto saves

Or if you move something in your inventory it also auto saves.


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Or if you pick up or drop anything

I’ve been wanting a manual save in the game since day one.

I don’t think it’s happening at this point, honestly. It would be nice to have, but it may be a technical issue since we haven’t seen it implemented yet. Besides, the game saves at many different occasions, such as when you move items in your inventory, enter a safehouse, finish combat etc.

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Wait, now that you put it that way, are all these autosaves put in place out of convenience or because the game crashes so frequently that it’s just best this way?

You can do manual saves now, but not sure if it can be discussed on this forum on how to do it.

I even manually save my files in game, like when I host and the reaper visits. I will manually save before attacking the reaper.

If you’re using some third-party software to save in-game (mod) then it might not be wanted, but a program which just backs up files that are on your pc should be ok, I think. I just save by hand.

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Yes! File explorer and copy, paste, then copy, delete paste. If I am in game then I just hit the windows key to bring up the desktop.

I do not use mods, trainers, cheats or any other names and I refuse to play co-op with players that use skill mods.

Oh, and if you don’t do the first copy and paste but do the copy, delete and paste you can lose a lot of game play.

Maybe I am missing something. But unless the devs change the way saves work, causing an autosave by clicking your inventory key once is no different than a game with a key that does only that, saves the state of the game. We will still always return to the closest discovered safehouse.

That is unless you all want a save system like Skyrim, where you can save a sate of the game, then return to it at any point. But that is completely different than just a “manual save”.

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That’s true we always start in the nearest savehouse. I always go to a savehouse to get the automatic save, then I go to internet explorer, and make a copy of the save files. Then give that file a description. It’s just to keep me from loosing any progress. But I have never had to use it.


I do the same thing but I save the files in a new folder in a different drive. And I may do back ups to the extreme. I have over 50 folders just for Gen Zero saves.

:joy: I do folders too, and last one I named “GenerationZero - Copy 158 found some new clothing”. Are we strange?

Maybe crazy strange issues. :crazy_face:

But I learn to do it in a lot of strategy games like Sudden Strike (weeks, 50 plus hours, playing a single mission) and Company of Heroes. Even COD I do manual saves a lot, the ones that allow it. Strange Gen Zero does not have it.

I have played many games where I also thought, why do they not include that? Like keybinding, instead of fixed keys, or why they do not included an achievement system, most people like to find collectables, or do certain task, and have something to show for it. Challenges without a reward, are somehow less fun for many people.

Devs must have a reason for the choices they make for their games, and I can’t begin to speculate what those could be.

Autosave is common feature with today’s games. Compared to the manual saving, autosave has several benefits:

  • you don’t have to manually save your game
  • game is saved frequently, so your progress is kept updated
  • save file is kept at minimum size, overwriting the old save
  • you can’t save-cheese the game

Downsides are that there are no take backs. Essentially every action you do, is permanent. And save corruption can happen with any save system, be it: automatic system (e.g GZ and State of Decay 2), manual system (e.g GTA:Vice City) or checkpoint save system (e.g Doom:Eternal).