Map coordinates bugged?

Platform: PC
Display: 2560x1080 ultra-wide

When I zoom in/out or drag the map, coordinates for specific locations keep changing. Particularly, when I drag the map, while dragging the coordinates stay the same, but my mouse does not stay over the same point. It goes faster/further. When I reset the mouse to the dragged point, the coordinates are wrong.

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That should explain why most of the GZ Fandom wiki location coordinates are wrong. Usually they are not even in the main island, just in the middle of the ocean.

Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Not that game breaking, but what is the idea of the coordinates if they don’t work correctly…

So it is the same for you and your are not playing on ultra-wide?

I noticed this when I was looking for collectibles.

The further you point the cursor from your position the more inaccurate it gets.

Wasn’t this supposed to be fixed with the Nov update? Not fixed for me (ultra-wide) at least.

Steps to reproduce: move the map around, zoom in and out again, return to the same spot -> different coordinates.

Hi, You are correct. This should have been fixed in this update, one of the coords was incorrectly set after last patch to height instead. We switched it back to lat and long in this patch.

Map coordinates are all over the place for me. Every single time I focus a certain landmark on the map with my mouse after having panned around or zoomed in/out, I get different values.

EDIT: This is WITH the update. It is not fixed. Or it is a different issue for me. I suspect improper screen coordinate scaling to be the root cause. Same with binocular tech view label positions shifting around pointing to the wrong places when you pan and zoom.

PS: My screen size is 2560x1080.

I am not sure you got my last reply. I don’t think it is the same thing you mentioned. I can see at least three different issues:

  1. the one you just mentioned (one of the coords) - I have no idea how that manifests
  2. coords get messed up with zooming and panning (the mouse does not stay over the same map point on dragging, e.g.)
  3. depending on where I am in the world, the mouse-over coords of other locations change

EDIT: I think 2. and 3. have to do with ultra-wide. My guess would be that the aspect ratio is implicitly hard coded somewhere. The map does not fill the full screen in my case but is 16:9.

I’m noting this down and we will check it.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Cool, thank you! You need any more screenshots or something, just ask.

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Another thing I noticed, look at my mouse pointer in these screenshots and the location the rival stats are displayed for (look for the red dot, the mouse pointer wasn’t captured):

I did not zoom or pan in any way, just re-opened the map view.

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