Map Feature Requests

I have a suggestion to mark undiscovered places in locations on the map with question marks after opening a bunker in a given location.

Where stays the fun to search and to discover the world? :wink:


Agreed, the map is actually way more forgiving now, all the small buildings actually show up, the grey places indicating a building weren’t there for small stuff for a long time so a good 20% of locations weren’t on the map

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We find a map early in the game. So I think it would be weird to get ? on a map I’ve found. I’m ok with buildings showing without saying what it is and also ok with smaller stuff hidden. A military weapons bunker would not be marked on a civilian map as they are now. But a small farm could be on the map without saying what it is. It depends on the scale of the map.

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We don’t need this. Just look at your map & go to areas you haven’t

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You. Not “we”.
I do not remember if I was there on the map or not. Not each building on the map is a location.
It will be good to have this possibility in the game instead to look every time into alternative map from internet with Alt+Tab.

I agree with Rambo. We don’t need it. I play ghost recon and there is ? all over the map. It just say go there you can find something there. The rest of the places you can skip because they don’t offer anything.
I think it’s more fun to explore the world like in gz.