Map icon: Åsötungan Outpost

There is a map icon for Åsötungan Outpost which exists next to the icon for the Saltholmen Naval Bunker. There does not, however, appear to be an Åsötungan Outpost that exists there in the game.

Looking at the CRegions, there is an obvious CRegion for Saltholmen Naval Bunker, as well as Saltholmen Naval Base. There does not appear to be a corresponding one for an Åsötungan Outpost. In addition, there are no mdic areas nearby named anything remotely like Åsötungan. The POIs for Saltholmen Naval Bunker as well as Åsötungan Outpost are both located at the exact same space - 678.4, 1055.3, 3874.6 - which makes me suspect it’s a duplication issue and Åsötungan Outpost is out there somewhere, not at the location the map says it is.

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Are your Coordinates right?

Since you used Deca map as a source for your info, i’ll end this here and now.

Any talks of Deca map and what it contains is forbidden here in official GZ forums and in official GZ discord as well, since Deca map is made illegally by datamining game files.