Map Icon Suggestion - Recycling Stations


I’d like to suggest that as you discover recycling stations, which are paired up with safehouses, can we get a different map icon than the standard safehouse icon? Perhaps the recycling triangle itself on the map where the super safehouse (what I consider them to be, now! :slight_smile: ) is located…

I’m running around, very much overburdened, trying to find stuff to recycle and its a pain when I don’t remember which safehouse has a recycling station available.


Safehouse symbols on the map

Due to several requests, i made a definitive list: Crafting and recycling station locations


If I wasn’t already married to my wife… :wink:

Thanks for this!

I am noticing that I will see notification on the compass bar up top, but then it disappears… I’m next to the Vessalan site, I’ll scope it out…

Things to make James go hmmmmm… :crazy_face:


You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Icons have 250m range. So, when icon goes “poof”, you’re further than 250m from that item/location.


Totally makes sense now, thanks for educating me!! :slight_smile:


That 250m range is very helpful in early- to mid-game since with it, it makes discovering new safehouses much easier. Also, i used it to locate side mission start items since usually those are small notes and easy to miss, especially if you have POI icons turned off (i have, since i don’t like spoon feeding of: “go through that door”, “pick up that item” etc).


Would it not be great if the safehouse symbols on the map, get a different color depending on the available recycling station and/or a crafting station?


Yes I think this would be useful, although I just fast travel to bunkers often


Same feature request topics merged.



I’d instead suggest to add a small info box when hovering the safe house symbol that shows what’s avaiable at the safe house. Appearal crafting, consumables crafting, recycling, bicycles.