Map locations not appearing/disappearing

Platform: Xbox
Steps To Reproduce:* Persistant
Host or Client: Single player

There are many problems with the X1 version but this one makes the game unplayable for me,

I have explored large areas but my map only shows a handful of safehouses in the southern area and no other locations whatsoever. Also, other people are finding safehouses in areas where I have been in every building but not unlocked one.

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Try creating a second character, use that one then switch back to your old one. Not a perfect solution but it works. :slight_smile:

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When you loaded game and is in your safehouse just exit to main menu and then press continue again to get back into the game. That fixes all the missing stuff on my map atleast.


Same here!
All my explored locations dissapear every time restart the game.
Please fix this. :frowning:

I have also had my map lose all of the markers. And I lost my missions too.

I’ve had this problem with the safehouses when switching between multiplayer and single player. I find that in single player player that unless you go into the room with the bunks or sleeping bags, the safehouses won’t register as having been discovered.

I keep losing all my locations when I restart. Great game, but this is driving me crazy.