Map Weapon Collection Requests Bugged

Platform: PC

Description: Both at Savered Radar Mast and Smabatshammen you are required to find weapons. However the weapon you need to pick up looks to be a SMG sitting on a bench/shelf. Hand icon shows up but no E to pickup shows therefore you cant complete it.

Steps To Reproduce: See ABove

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: PC both online and offline Steam

Players in your game: Single

Specifications: PC Nvidia GTX 980, 32Gig memory, SSD drive. All latest video drivers

Its tricky but you can drop a red or white canister down and walk up it to be able to pick up the weapon

I’ll try the red/white canister at the radar station, but that won’t work for the truck in Smabatshammen. The weapon is on the bench in the back of the military truck. You can jump up to the cargo area, walk to the bench, see the hand icon, but can’t jump higher as the game won’t allow you to jump higher then the metal ceiling. I’ll try it at both sites tonight after work, but I don’t think it will help.