March Update - Patch Notes

Excellent work on the archipelago. The interiors of the houses have been remodeled, they now make more sense. Keep it up, good :+1:

so update is out? i dont see it anywhere?

Its live on Steam at this monent and will be for xbox and ps4 shortly! We’ll keep you updated on our social media :slight_smile:

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as much bad reviews as ive seen so far about new ui, i dont think ill be playing much longer…


But you don’t see anyone complaining about the fact that all the issues the old inventory system had are gone. This was a well-requested feature, and the devs have decided to give it a spin on it.

I for one really like it, the fact that you don’t have stack ammo, can split stacks and don’t have to worry about inventory space for any longer is fantastic. It’s a new system and will take some time getting used to.


its not perfect , and will need some polishing , but its a big step forward and solves alot of issues.


It’s a much better UI to expand upon, streamline and update, than the old one. That’s for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am comfortable with the new inventory, you just have to get used to it, it’s not that complicated.

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If this inventory system came with game on release and then we changed it to the old system people would complain they don’t like that system, it’s a lose lose for the dev’s not everybody is going to be happy with change…such is life


I love the reworks to the archipelago, feels much darker and more apocalyptic.

Would love some new “story items” like notes, audio logs, radio recordings and so on to go with it, but for now it’s awesome enough.

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Bout time they added difculty settings

Forgot about the difficulty settings, anybody notice a difference in the settings?

I´m really sorry to say this, but it`s the first time i´m not counting days for an update.
I really dislike the new “Inventory”.
Does anyone know if is possible to play the game in Solo mode without updating on the PS4?
( I have Steam and know how to do it there)

If you disable automatic updates you can play the current version of the game. But all your other games need to be manually updated in the future.

That was my idea (and i already have that deactivated).
Anyway thank you very much.

I think then you get used to it, the new inventory works so much better than the old. It might have some minor issues, but I think it works very well. :wink::+1:


That looks like one massive update! I’m really curious to see what that’s all about. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time yet to go on a massive discovery trip, but I was really curious about the inventory change so I did take a “quick” peek at that.

I’m not entirely sure yet what to think of it all, to be honest, since I actually liked the old inventory (for the most part) :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said:

  • Having the maximum carrying capacity based upon weight seems logical and is certainly convenient with respect to managing your inventory (which is basically not needed anymore).
  • Having hotkeys in the loot menu is an absolute blessing! :smiley:
    It’s something I actually missed in the old system
  • The crafting menu definitely looks promising. Can’t wait to see what the options are :slight_smile:

But besides the positives there are indeed a couple things that caught my attention and that could use some polishing:

1. Swapping gear

This particular aspect, in its current form, is actually (and sadly) a -huge- downgrade because it has become a -seriously- time consuming process to swap out gear.

It takes 4 actions to get a single item into an equip slot, when using mouse or mouse+keyboard, and potentially -a lot- more when using only the keyboard (if you actually can … see 2 below).

In contrast (at least for pc gamers, that is), that process used to be a simple matter of dragging the item to the hotbar in one single move whilst having all possible options in plane sight.

As much as we, obviously, have to get used to the new interface: that is going to be really tedious. Especially when you want to swap out multiple items (which I regularly do) and extremely especially during a fight (which will basically be impossible without dying, since the game doesn’t pause).

Of course, saying what I don’t like is easy, so here are some suggestions to improve upon the current system. :slight_smile:

An obvious improvement would be to add a “swap item” option to the default equipped item menu (besides the “drop item”, “attachments” and “clear slot” options) which gives you a list of suitable items to choose from.

An alternative improvement (which I’d probably prefer) could be to create a “new+old” hybrid inventory on that equipped items menu. Since items stack “infinitely” now, I can see a row (or table) of suitable items next to each (group of) equip slot(s) from which you can drag an item directly onto the equip slots.

2. Hard coded key bindings

I have “open inventory” bound to my ‘C’ key. Which means I cannot navigate the item menu with the keyboard … because it closes my inventory again …

Now, since all the other key bindings in the menu also seem to be hard coded, this frankly is a very good reason for a little bit of constructive ranting time! :wink:

From my perspective as a pc gamer (who greatly values that “personal” part in “personal computer”), this hard coded key binding stuff has been a royal pain in the ass ever since the beginning of pc gaming. And even after more than 30 freakin’ years of game industry, it -still- keeps popping up -everywhere-.

Even with my best attemps of doing so, I simply can -not- understand why this -essential and basic- core element of a pc game still (apparently) keeps posing such a problem.

Is it really that hard (or too much to ask) to simply expose every key binding in the settings, or even in the settings file in some useful format (which it currently is not)?

There are obviously the KeyMapEntry_move_forward and similar aliases inside the settings file so I presume (or at least hope so) there are “KeyMapEntry_menu_move_up” or equivalents available for in menu navigation and selection.

Please expose them to us. It would make everything so much more convenient.

/ranting time

Now that’s really not meant as an insult or something. I am sincerely curious here.

And speaking of key bindings … where is that “wheelie” key on pc?

And now that I think of it: It would be nice if the key to “abandon” (when you die) is consistently the same key regardless of having adrenaline shots or not. As it is now it switches which is actually somewhat weird. :slight_smile:

That being said. For the rest it seems you have done an excellent job and I’m curious and eager to explore it all in the near future. :slight_smile:


Hi all.

There’s a major issue with this update, as far as I know with PS4.

Weapon slots are completely broken. Although weapons are assigned in inventory, they are not actually. Only noticeable after reassigning slots.


It only seems to happen with some of the weapons. By dropping those first and taking and reassigning again the issue was solved.

So, I took a 2 hour break from RDR2 to try out the updated GZ. Overall this looks and feels very good.

I spawned at Yttervik and made my way through the archipelago to get a look at the new scenes and interiors. I loved it! When this work is applied to the whole map, it will be a monumental lift to the game.

The new inventory seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but I did get the hang of it rather quickly. I’ll take weight limits over stack managing any day! I won’t miss the endless swapping of stacks!
The bug that made the quality of the scopes disappear will surely be fixed soon, I imagine. There also seems to be a bug that won’t let you equip weapons in the 1, 2 and 3 slots. I “fixed” it by dropping the weapons on the ground and picking them up again. I imagine this will be addressed quickly too.

The crafting is certainly a nice addition. It’s always nice to have new things to do in the game, and I’m sure this will grow into a very nice feature. BUT, you have to keep a sharp eye on what items you recycle, so you don’t accidentally scrap that precious weapon you spent 50 hours searching for! Maybe we could use a confirmation prompt before scrapping a weapon?

I didn’t try out the difficulty settings, but I imagine I’ll mostly stick to the original one. Nice touch though, especially for new players.

Great job once more, Avalanche!

And today is the day. Happy birthday, Generation Zero! :smile: