Marden Bunker Bugged!

Have restart a new Game. I was ready to entry the Marden Bunker and it has…some minor issue i would say. There are 2 of them.

  1. Before you let you scanning and entry the Bunker, there is already light in this Bunker. After entry the Bunker, the light goes out. I’m pretty sure the Light is supposed to be off.

  2. By activating the Power and going the last Stairs up to the War board, Powers are off without a Warning to your Main Quest. You have to go down to Kill 5 Ticks and then Reactivating the Power again. After that, no other issues.

P.S: I don’t remember anymore how the Marden Bunker is supposed to Work, so if there are other issues about the Marden Bunker, Pls Make a Comment down bellow. Thanks!

Puh, I don’t know. At least minor issues, if not even intended.

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