Mark Opponent for Companion

I mentioned this in a report I made here while back on the companion. Which by the way, I love! But I was wondering, how difficult would it be to code/program to be able to mark an enemy that the companion should attack?

For instance, while I’m handling a Tank, I could mark a Hunter for it to attack while I focus on the Tank. I’m not sure if such coding would be possible, but I thought that would be an awesome next step if possible! :grin::+1:

Having the companion is already a ton of fun and I thank you guys for getting one put in the game! So this is not a demand or anything like that, just a thought of what would be cool for something next.

I don’t know what you guys are working on next, but I’m sure it’s going to be great! Can’t wait!

I second this. :+1: In addition to that I would love to be able to give the companion basic commands like stay, come (heel), go over there and such.

However, playing on console (PS4) I can’t really see how to implement that with the limited amount of buttons on the controller.

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You can already mark targets by yourself with the necessary skill and using the binoculars.
So this system could be transfered to either aiming with a weapon (but: melee weapons have no aiming) on a target or by using an emote for it.

This marking should stay until the next command or until the marked machine is destroyed. After that the companion becomes free to chose a target by itself.

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I was going to mention this, myself. I’d like to go one step further with this idea, though. Not only should the marked target be the primary focus of the Companion, but we should be able to mark wall guns and destroyable objects, like walls, too. Or at least be able to select priorities for our Companions to target in combat so they don’t just stand around or run back and forth with the zoomies. I don’t expect them to fight the whole fight for me, but I do expect my equipment to participate in the activities.


Only problem with this is what happens once the runner destroys it’s target? It then picks it’s own or you mark a new one? I can’t see me stopping my attack on something then switching to my binoculars to mark a target for a slow firing rocket runner.

I had rather the runner look for smaller targets that it CAN handle without me babysitting it or it attacks the target I am attacking.

As of right now, the runner is not strong enough to go into full combat with the machines I commonly attack.

The runner also gives itself, and me, away to easy if we are just looking for targets. I like to find a group of machines, then get in a good spot to attack, but there is no control of the runner. It doesn’t follow very well, it shoots at the first thing it sees and it’s not the best “companion” if it causes you damage and gives away your position…which it is very good at.

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It isn’t about using the binoculars for that.
It’s about another, faster, easier way. Like doing it while aiming with a gun… Or by using an emote.

But one more thing.
I once suggested configurable options for the companion or its modules.
One more option could be to assign legal targets or a target priority…or as basic to attack everything.

This could be available right from the beginning OR by finding the blueprints of the enemy machines. Like If you found the blueprint of a tank and then know its Details and weakpoints, you’re able to assign them as target of priority for your companion.

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I love that idea! I Wonder if it could be done so that by holding a button plus another button together on a controller could work? For instance holding the UP directional button plus the right trigger while facing the enemy your facing. I’m by no means a programmer or coder so I have no idea if I’m asking a lot. But I definitely like the idea of being able to have the companion wait for you or giving a command for it to be quiet.

Anyway, thanks for joining me in the discussion! :grin::+1:

Wow you guys are too smart for my good! I love that idea! That would be awesome! Great thinking buddy!

Completely agree! I would love for that to be better too! I sometimes just have to pick him up to avoid detection.