Mark picked up collectibles as new

The sheer amount of collectibles is becoming staggering. Especially with the added notes and letters to read it becomes difficult to find out which one did I just pick up.

I recommend that you put a little star or “NEW” badge next to the freshly picked up collectible to easily find it in the collectible screen.


I agree! It would be nice to have the last item you pick up be the first thing you see when accessing that part of the menu system too.

I often dont have time to read the popup when i collect mission items or collectables because im in a fight, so its hard to actually find that letter later, to properly read its content.

I usually solve this by scrolling thru everything, but its kind of tedious when it comes to mission items unless you remember exactly what mission the item was related to (not neccisarily related to the current mission).

Hello, all. After playing the game for several hours I’ve noticed that if I pick up a collectable and quickly continue with what I’m doing with the intent to to read it or examine it later, I can’t find it again in inventory. I’m sure it’s there, but I have no idea which Survivor Note or Mix Tape is the one I just picked up. Don’t most games have a blue dot or something next to a newly picked up item when you open your inventory? Then it goes away when the game knows you have acknowledged it. I would greatly like that feature added. Anyone else?

Not a bad idea. I have had that happen (especially when I was a newer player) and it gets pretty aggravating after a while.

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Inventory → Log → Collectibles.

All you pick up, are listed under there.

I understand that, Aesyle, but there is no indicator in that pile of collectibles signifying the brand new collectible I just picked up, sorting it out from the rest. I have to go through each one saying, “Is this the new thing I just picked up? Is this it? How about this one.”

That is true.

The same idea could be added to the inventory as well, where the items you picked up, get a small icon next to them, indicating that they are new in your inventory. (E.g helpful to find that new weapon attachment you picked up if you have several same quality ones.) :slight_smile: And once you mouse over it, the “new item” icon disappears.

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Yes. Brilliant. Let’s make it happen, team! Cheers!

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I’ve created a thread about exactly this amlost one year ago and so far no implementation (Mark picked up collectibles as new). Let’s hope, that this bump will accelerate the implementation.

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Same feature request topics merged.

@knobitobi, thanks for the link. :slightly_smiling_face:


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