Markbacken/Ostervik (Freezing, crashing)

Hello, I am currently playing on an Xbox One, and have been constantly dashboarded when ever I reach this area. I have been trying to complete all the collectibles and it has been a task in itself. This seems to be the only area I cannot reach without the game freezing and kicking me out. I was wondering if the is a work around for this, and if so what do I need to do to remedy this?

Do you by any chance have a large number of enemies there for some reason on mine I had a gathering of about 6 harvester rivals on the road to marbacken all bouncing off each other glitching around, my series x could barely handle the mayhem they were causing as the had an army of 20+ hunters with them and a tank to boot all in the tiny area and they were all different classes from militarily all the way to apocalypse so all the various different effects of gas and radiation going on plus whenever the apocalypse harvester missiles landed the world turns green where they land and make it even more glitchy

If you are using a mod, best get rid of it. Mods are known for crashing the game.
If not don’t know a remedy.

Extremely odd to hear, especially i spent over an hour going round in circles looking for the 8 new weapons ( of which i found 0, if they are even there! )

That said - there was a “moment” when i got a bit sticky - and it was when i was North, near Ostervik Industrial. There was A LOT of machines trying to make their way over. Also note, just North of Haga ( South West Ostervik ) also has a crazy spawn and often a relay beacon so it may be there pinching the gameplay.

Fix wise, well - im beginning to see a trend on particular XB console editions having issues in these hot spots. As a first step, i would recommend a re sync to clear up the save file, then full console restart and give it another go.

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I’m actually happy to hear I’m not the only one having this problem. Thought it was my console…well in a way it is, it seems like it can’t handle it. When I clear everything and clean up some things in my settings, restart the console, then I’m able to walk around in Östervik for about 15-20 minutes til it freezes and kick me out. If I don’t do it, I can’t even get to Östervik, it crashes immediately. I just skip it for now and deal with the frustrations of not being able to get all collectibles and weapons till it’s fixed …or when I can finally get the new gen. :roll_eyes:

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And to all Playstation users…

If you have a problem, please add whether you have a PS4, PS4 pro, PS5 and use a digital version or disc version and if you installed the game on internal memory or on an external hdd/ssd.

It should help a bit to know these facts.

For me on PS5 it helped a lot to install the game (disc version) directly on internal memory (not external as it is standard setting and then move to internal!).

I am on an Xbox One S gears of War edition. So it’s a few years old.

It wasn’t until the FNIX Rising DLC did things start getting sticky with the older consoles.

It’s not uncommon to hear the older models have issues, if you recall the Cyberpunk saga, the older consoles really struggled, and as easy as it is to say “upgrade” obviously reality plays a part in making that decision.

One thing I can recommend, is to do a refresh. I do this every weekend just as good practice.

Head into game management, and save files. Delete your local save of the game, not the cloud save. Now restart your console from the X guide button. When you reload the game, it will sync back and load as normal. Once your in, main game. Quit to desktop, and again restart from the X Guide button. Load game as normal.

As for the console itself, be sure to clear down any clips, videos, games installed you dont need and try keep it as clutter free as possible. If you ever need any supplies, just hit me up on XBL.


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